trying to post a pic , ID type of cabinet please

snowbeanMarch 17, 2014

white kitchen not sure how old. front and back slippery glossy smooth. we are picking new cabinets and cant decide on "material" for doors

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Not sure what your question is, exactly?

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sorry I wasn't clear. is this a lacquer + mdf door ? or thermofoil + mdf ? melamine ? we are shopping for new cabinets . I'd like to see if companies still make whatever this is because the shiny surface is nice. white kitchen cabinets have yellowed a bit but still the original owner picked these over 20 years ago and it's held up well. (I am not considering hardwood at all.) I hope someone can let me know what these are so I know whatever it is will last me another 25 yrs :)

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I removed the hardware and it looks mdf but what is the top white finish ? lacquer ? thermofoil ? melamine ? it doesnt feel or look like oil paint.

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help anyone please ?

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If you take some sandpaper to it, what happens? Paint can be sanded off.

The inset area of your second pic looks like it is paint but the overall appearance makes me think thermofoil.

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I wish I had an answer for you but instead a commiseration. Two homes back (now a rental) had cabs original to the 1947 home. They and the ceiling had that same...shellac-paint finish on them and that stuff is TOUGH. So I know what you have.....I just don't know what it IS. Lol?

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Can't tell from the pictures.

If there is a seam on the back edge of the door-where the sides of the door meet the back- then you have a foil or acrylic of some type.

IF there is no seam then they are a gloss film finish. That could be lacquer, polyester, hi gloss varnish or other, exactly which depends on the maker. Overall durability will also depend on the maker more than the specific finish used, each will offer reasons why x is better than y.

I'd suggest investigating from scratch- that is see what is available to you in hi gloss finishes in your area an evaluating them. A lot of developments (especially in hi gloss) in the last 20 years.

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thermofoil can easily be peeled off. The hinge hole picture suggests that those cabinets are painted. Possibly painted MDF. The finish looks like the Ikea Lidingo doors which are "acrylic" or "polyester" paint . However those are not Lidingo doors since the vertical stile does not go to the edge. Also, the routed edges are not that sharp which also favors MDF.

In any case if you like the shiny smooth hardwearing surface , thermofoil or lacquer fits that bill. There is a poster in Newfoundland who had a gorgeous period kitchen done in thermofoiled doors, I can't remember who it was. It seems that gardenwebbers favor a more matte surface which is why we don't see many of those kitchens here.

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