Happy Endings No Kill Shelter for cats-long

toomuchglassNovember 6, 2010

Sorry - it's going to be long ..I wanted to share this .

There's a wonderful no kill Shelter for Cats here. I can't say enough good about the love & help these cats get.

Once a year --- they collect donations & have an auction to raise money for the upkeep of the cats. It's really well known and a very big event . Every year I'm ready with stuff to donate for such a good cause. When I dropped the stuff off this year - I got a tour from one of the volunteers. She shared a few stories with me about how some cats got there. It tore my heart out. I had to keep telling myself "the name of this place is Happy Endings" and they all have one.

For example :

Look at this guy ....

Here he is rubbing against the cage just looking for love. He kept reaching his paw through the cage & rolling on his back .....

His story is : the volunteers found him in a box out side of the shelter door one morning. An attached note said - he's blind - I can't care for him anymore. ( Apparently he never saw a vet ) They took him in the shelter & noticed he never opened his eyes. The Top of the Line vet the shelter relies on determined he was 5 years old . AND - he found that his eyelashes were growing inside of the eyelids. It's a condition that happens at birth - so for 5 years , it hurt to open his eyes. The vet tried burning off the lashes - but it didn't work. The next thing was to remove a piece of the bottom lid & graft it on the top lid . It worked ! Now he's blind in one eye & has very poor vision in the other .But he's alive and well taken care of - and for all he's gone through - he' still so docile & only wants human contact. Surgery was in the thousands.

Next is the Big Bad Ass Tomcat .... they found him in a live trap sitting out side the door of the shelter. I guess he was the "demon " cat . The volunteers worked with him for months ( I call it love therapy ) and now ..... here he is in all his glory ...... the boss of the whole shelter !

He's become the referee between any disagreements & he even grooms the kittens ! He's the Godfather and has free run of the place.... LOL

Soooooo nice ....

The next cage I went to had a beautiful black cat .... but his tongue was hanging out. I was told such a horrific story about him -- I was shaking so bad , I couldn't even get a good picture. Not saying the details ...basically kids broke it's jaw - only because it was a black cat. They were caught doing it again . I say hang the little Ba$tard$ . The shelter took him in and had a surgery to reconstruct his jaw ( $6,000 ) he's fine , but his tongue still hangs out. Now ,he's in his comfy clean cage with soft blankets to snuggle in & humans to give him lots of love. I was shaking after hearing that.

One more guy was found and given to the shelter . Wisconsin had horrible rain storms for weeks on end - someone found this cat out in the storms. The vet determined he was 20 years old . How can someone do this?

Now --- he's got a nice warm bed with lots of love to share.

Well , that's the tour of the shelter and the reason I donate. The funny thing is .... I told the ladies at the shelter ,"I'm really a dog person" - they were kinda shocked ! But hey -- babies are babies .

I do have to admit ... before I drove home , I had to park behind the building and let it all out . What a heart wrenching thing to see. I know the auction will go good . Even if the cats don't find homes - they are loved so much by the volunteers .

**** I told you it was long ! ****

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Thank you Toomuchglass for donating to the cats. Those poor babies don't deserve the treatment they receive at the hands of humans.

I've seen some of your mosaic work on the other forum and it is spectacular. Do you donate your work for auction?

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Is this the Happy Endings in Milwaukee?

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What a wonderful place. I'd hang those little creeps who broke that cat's jaw. They'll turn out to be serial killers. Breaks my heart to see what these animals go thru.

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I'm against cages for any long-term stay. (I dislike zoos for similar reasons.) Is life in a cage any sort of life at all? I realize they are necessary in cat and dog shelters, but it sure doesn't make me a fan of those places.

I feel sad when I see a fish in a bowl or lots of fish in an aquarium -- they continually circle just like the pathetic zoo animals because they are bored. Same goes for birds in a cage. It just isn't normal. If the shelter animals could be adopted in a couple of weeks, a cage would be acceptable to me.

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I'm a dog person too. But your post brought tears to my eyes as well. Like you, I am a dog person but love all the little critters. I'm so glad these cats have found love and warmth. Good for you for supporting the shelter.

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Yes - the shelter is in Milwaukee. I've donated alot of my crafts , but I also pick up stuff all year long to donate. As for being caged -- a couple times a day they open all the cages for "Playtime". They can come & go as they please - even snuggle up with a buddy in a different cage. Once everyone seems to be tired they go back to their own cage and the door is shut for alittle privacy. It's by no means restrictive . I wish all shelters were like this.

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What a wonderful post - and what a great shelter, it sounds. Enjoyed reading it . Thank you for caring for these lucky animals!

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