Add Sink Beside Washer and Move Supply Valves

monkeystomachSeptember 1, 2011


I currently have a front load washer and a front load dryer in my utility room connected to a "classic" washing machine water supply/drain box. This box was intended for a top load machine and is about 40" above the floor.

I would like to add a counter over the washer and dryer to make a folding/laundry area for the wife. While doing this it would be nice to add a sink in this room. I do not want the connection box to be visible, yet I want easy access to the valves.

So my thought is that I can remove the box, and cut the pipes down below where the sink would go. I would then attach valves under the sink that would control both the faucet and washer. Below are pics of what I am trying to accomplish.

Is there such a valve that is readily available in the market already, which has the connection for both the faucet and the washer? Or would it be easier to make one (if so, how would I do it)?

I know I will also have to come back and ask for advice on the drain, but I will just have to come back after I rip the drywall down.



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I think you can move the water connections, but the drain is a completely different matter.

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