replacing a nut with a quick-connect end?

nostalgicfarmSeptember 29, 2011

I ordered some replacement parts for my sink, and they changed a lot of things. My sink has the faucet spigot and 2 handles. They included a new spout hose because the side changed. The old hose connected to the (spigot) T with a nut. The new hose has a quick-connect end. I have been trying to connect the 2 forever now, and am wondering....Does a quick connect female end need a quick connect male end? Or should I be able to get this quick connect end over the screw end that a nut use to cover?


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Yes. If you don't have the other part, just unscrew the one you have and connect the old fashioned way.

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Disregard. I should have read more carefully (I was thinking about the hose bib outside).

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....but you do need the other half of the quick-connect. Those quick connects usually connect underneath for pull-out type faucets.

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homebound, thanks for the quick answer. I have the old spout tee to connect to. (I can't rehook my old hoses, as the other end doesn't fit new replacement piece) The new Replacement hose they sent has a quick connect instead of nut end...

So you are saying I need to head to Lowes with my old and new hoses to get the new faucet handle end and the old nut end, Right?

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Unless you can unscrew the old fitting from the old hose and then use it.

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Thanks! Looks like a trip to HD/Lowes! Hopefully they will have the right part/sizes :)

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