Convert wet bar to ice maker

rocks911September 20, 2012

I have a small wet bar that I never use that I would like to convert to a cabinet mounted ice maker.

I know that ice makers need a floor drain but couldnt I reconfigure the plumbing to accommodate an ice maker drain?

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Reconfiguring the drain could prove to be a tough project because the fixture arm for the bar sink drain most likely is about 18" above the floor, but the ice maker drain is on the bottom of the ice bin, which is usually about 6" above the floor and you are required to have a 2" verticle gap from the lowest part of the ice maker drain to the flood level rim of the receptor.

Having said all of that, there is a very easy solution. Go to a commercial HVAC & Refrigeration supply house and they have condensate trays made for your purpose. The trays are low and flat and lay on the floor below the ice machine and they have a 110v automatic pump built in that will pump the liquid up to the trap. You would then put an 18" vertical riser on the trap to make a standpipe.

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Thanks for that, I appreciate it!

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