Adopting dog with lymes disease

deb_paNovember 22, 2010

Friday I applied for a dog at our local shelter. Today I got a call that the pooch had been spayed but had a positive test result for lymes disease. The shelter said since the diagnosis was very early and the dog would be on antibiotics for 4 weeks it should stop the disease. They also said the dog will "always" test positive even though the dog may never have symptoms again. If symptoms reoccurr they assured me an other course of antibiotics would stop it again. I was told the dog would always "carry" the disease but may never, or seldom have outbreaks of full-blown symptoms. Does anyone have a dog with lymes disease? I have read pages and pages of info and they all say pretty much what the vet/shelter told me. I want to hear from others with pets that have this disease. Also what are the best meds for Lymes and Heartworm? Thanks for any advice.

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I had a dog that got Lymes when she a puppy. (I adopted her, and unknowingly, the tick.) She came through it just fine, and lived to 15. She never had any reoccurance, but she was an inside dog, and I didn't have a tick problem in my yard or neighborhood.

I don't know the exact antibiotic they gave her, but I'm sure any vet would know the right one.

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During a routine screening several years ago, my min-pin was found to test positive for Lymes. The vet said it wasn't active and there was no need to treat it. He had never displayed any symptoms and has never had a recurrence. Now sixteen years old, he doesn't even seem to have as many aches and pains as most dogs his age and still jumps high in the air when he's excited. The Lymes doesn't seem to have affected him at all.

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I don't treat dogs that test positive with Lyme disease unless they have symptoms because they will always test positive. What's the use of antibioitics if you can't cure the disease and there are no clinical signs? You're not fixing anything. I will make sure there is no proteinuria; otherwise I wait until and if there are clinical signs to treat.

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