Butcher block counter abutting quartz or other surface?

DCkitchen13March 28, 2013

Hi, everyone--

We are well into our kitchen renovation and I am still making a few major decisions. (Note to self: Next time, make a firm plan before tearing down walls.) My initial plan called for a seating area against one wall, sandwiched between a fridge and a pantry. I eventually figured out that would 1) look funny and 2) not be the best use of space. So now the seating area will run along a different wall, joining the rest of the counters at the corner. We are using Silestone for the rest of the counters.

So here's my question: Would it look completely weird to have a butcher block counter run into the Silestone at the corner? I love the look of mixed counter materials. But my first plan called for having the butcher block stand alone. Now it would run right into the Silestone (at the same counter height). Do any of you have pictures of this I could look at? Or can you recommend for/against it? I am leaning now toward making all the countertops Silestone for simplicity's sake, but I'm a little sad to lose my butcher block. (FWIW, this is a smallish kitchen with no island.)


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We have butcher block next to our quartz on our island at different heights.

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Ooh, pretty. OK, thanks.

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Alabamamommy did the opposite of Sas. She lowered her butcher block end.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alabamamommy's kitchen

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