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truboybluSeptember 18, 2012

Hi -

We just got our bathroom remodeled and the vanity drain does not evacuate the water quickly enough, to the point that there is standing water that fills the basin if the faucet is on for more than a few seconds.

I'm pretty sure the problem is that the vent hole in the sink isn't tied to the drain directly (it just opens to the cabinet below), thus resulting in the slow evacuation of water.

I'll post a pic soon to better clarify, but are their drains I can get and install that either include a ventilation mechanism or something to connect the exposed vent hole in the sink to the drain?

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The upper hole in the sink is not a vent,,,it is solely an overflow, however, it must also be connected to the drain before the P-trap.

The reduced flow from your sink is most likely a result of the popup stopper not being adjusted correctly.

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Hi lazypup, thanks for your response. Yes it's an overflow, but it is not tied to the drain in any way; it just opens to the vanity cabinet below - which would not be good. When I look at my other sinks in the house (with overflows) it's clear that they are tied to the drain so that if water spills into the overflow, it falls into a cavity or spillway connected directly to the drain. Conversely, it seems that this provides ventilation for the drain to evacuate water quickly.

I've already adjusted the drain stopper several times, with no positive results.

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Please disregard my 10:36 response (9/29). I went back up and looked at it and realized that the drain hole of course does not spill into the vanity cabinet, but works as it should. So maybe i should try fiddling with the drain stopper a bit more.

Also, i'm wondering if the configuration of the p trap is hampering the flow of water. See attached pic.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your response.

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