PEX plumbing opinions?

vgkgSeptember 30, 2010

Hi there,

I pretty much know the positives of PEX but what would you all consider to be the negatives of PEX plumbing. Thanks for all thoughts on this topic.

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Compatibility. There are many different PEX solutions out there and the components may or may not be compatible with each other.

Availability. Local availability can be hit-or-miss. The manufacturer that the local big box considers its darling this year might not be the same months or years down the line. This feeds into the compatibility issue above.

Initial cost. Crimpers and expanders (depending on which PEX solution you go with) are more expensive than a torch, flux, and solder.

Support. If things get hairy and you have to get a professional in, it might be harder to track one down who is familiar with the PEX manufacturer you chose.

Tasty goodness. Mice can't chew through copper.

That being said, I redid my house completely with Wirsbo PEX. Nothing but love for it.

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You can't use it for applications above 180 degrees F over 100 psi

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Thanks for the feedback, the mice thing didn't occur to me but fortunately we don't have a mouse problem. I guess my main concern is a catatrophic failure of some sort where a pex fitting just pops off resulting in a flood. I would hope that even a poorly crimped line would at least leak a little before completely failing?

I ran across some inexpensive leak detectors last year, one of which I placed under the kitchen sink where it warned me of the early stage of a sprayer hose leak. I highly recommend these in places where leaks might occur such as water heaters, washing machines, toilets, and other sink areas. Lowes has these @ $13 each but I stumbled across them on sale for $6 at a local discount store. One 9-volt battery supposed to last 5 years.

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