should I be happy with hp results

llamaJanuary 13, 2011

Just started heating the new pool with the heat pump (rheem 6300ti) 18,000 gal, central Florida. Got the water up to 85 in a week just running it 8 hours aday. Outside temp 40s nite low 70s day. Last 2 days lows in low 30s high only 51 today. Recovered only 3 degrees in 8 hours today. Is it worth running it on these cold days? Is this normal heating for a heat pump? thanks Jeff

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Jeff, Are you using a solar cover? This is very important in keeping the heat. Your heat pump seems to be running fine. My heat pump is 109k BTU and I get a 1 deg rise every 28 mins, however my pool is only 6k gals.

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Seems find to me. Often times in colder weather you need to extend the pump run time to allow the heat pump to recover heat.

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What brentr and racket said are very relevant.

A solar blanket helps by reducing evaporation. More heat is lost off the surface this way at night than anything. Without it, your taking 2 steps forward, 1 step back with an occasional 2 back.

Cooler days have less heat in the air for the HP to capture so it works less efficiently. Cooler but still sunny days also tend to have less humidity also, again reducing a system's efficiency.

Free form pools and solar blankets are a PITA. For these pools, solar rings seem to work well enough to keep most of the heat in. They aren't perfect but they are easy to work with.


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