Shower wet vent AND dry vent ??

pscribnerSeptember 8, 2010

Broke through my foundation (It had been retrofitted and broken up before) and was looking to mount a shower or bathtub flush with floor (Shower and toilet were elevated before) for a cleaner looking install. Shower tubing is 2" and drains into main soil stack down stream of toilet. The bathroom and kitchen faucet also drain into soil stack with 2" tubing(Blue arrows). I noticed another vent that joined with shower drain at 45 degree angle to a vent in floor. The top was (see tubing laying to left) rose up and exited outside on the side of building. I taped off this dry vent and put a hose in shower drain to see how well it drained. It drained without problems. Is it possible I can get rid of the 45 degree plumbing? The end of it is elevated and would mean I would have to create a plateform for the shower or tub to accomodate this pipe. What a mess


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ok first figure out your layout .then your toilet goes first the furthess away then you put a 3x3x2 Y that 2 inch is your wet vent that goes to you lavatory and then ties up to your dry vent .of that 2 inch you gona put a 2x2x1 1/2 Y for your shower or tub . 3 inch pipe cant exceed 12 feet long after that you need a dry vent . 2 inch pipe cant exceed 8 feet and 1 1/2 is 6 feet hopefully this will help a bit . heres my e-mail if you need help

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