Do you decorate your screen porch?

midwestmomApril 19, 2009

Ours isn't technically screened in yet, but we hope it will be someday. We have a really nice set of four chairs with a round table, sort of like a coffee table. I also have a porch swing. Today I took everything off of it and scrubbed the floor after a winter of not being used. So I'm looking forward to Spring (it's still a tad chilly here) and want to make my porch pretty. I always plant a few flowers in pots but I need some sort of soft lighting. It can get pretty windy on our porch so I'm struggling with what to use for lighting. And also I have no idea how to make the porch more comfy & cute. Anyone have pictures, or ideas?

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There are some pretty porches here:

Here is a link that might be useful: In Praise of Porches

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In my previous house I decorated the screen porch. I had a wet-rated ceiling fan with light fixture which worked very well.

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I've always had a thing for porches. Front, back, covered, or screened, I LOVE THEM!

We have an Ellington Knightsbridge ceiling fan on our screened porch. It's awesome.

As for decorating, right now I have DH's grandma's iron loveseat, chairs, and tables. There are a couple of hanging baskets with geraniums & trailing petunias, ferns on iron stands, a planter with Gerbera daisies, and an iron rack that holds individually potted herbs for use in the kitchen. There's also a green wicker magazine rack along with a few cutsie knick knacks. It's a jumbled mess. LOL

The screened porch is my project for this week. I need to add a quick coat of paint to all the furniture, paint all of my pots so they're a little more interesting than plain terra cotta, and make the cushions & pillows. DH wants to put a rug out there, but I'd like to paint something fun on the floors. It's still a toss-up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ellington Knightsbridge fan

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Here is my covered back patio. I live in phoenix AZ so having a covered patio is a must for me.

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Love that fan!!

Our porch/lanai is 62' by 18' so it's a challenge. I have decorated it like there are several rooms-dining room, game room, and living room as you can see below. It's just yard sale and thrift store finds:

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My front portal (porch) isn't screened in, although many times I wish it was. It's quite long (approx. 68'x 10') and I have such fun decorating it. I don't have any recent pics, as I'm now in the process of redoing parts. I can sympathize with you on the wind problem, as ours can get pretty windy, too. With that in mind, stick with heavy pieces of furniture. My seat cushions actually get blown off and into the garden beds so I've sewn strong ties on all of them to prevent this. The furniture I use for mine are heavy, wood, easy chairs that I found at garage sales many years ago. I made them all new, thick cushions and sew new covers for them every few years.

I have three Old World hanging light fixtures and then two light sconces flanking the French doors at the far end. One word of warning about the lights you choose: birds love, love, love to build nests and perch on them, so keep that in mind when you choose. I'm in the process of buying new sconces that don't provide perfect nesting spots on top of the uplight portions. Until then, the top bulbs are unscrewed for the everyone's safety.

I have three seating areas, two of which have end tables with sturdy lamps on them for more cozy lighting. One of these seating areas has a porch swing, and we love sitting there at night watching the lights down in the valley below us. Last Summer we bought a new (old) dining room table and chairs. Because our portal is so long, I put the old table and chairs out there so that we can have our weekend breakfasts outside when the weather is warm. It really comes in handy for parties and is a good spot for card games, too . . . on non-windy afternoons, that is ;^P

Here's a couple pics of mine from a few years ago. So, look at these as my Before pics. I'll be posting more whenever I get it all finished.

This is the main seating area for our front portal. The porch swing and table area are to the left of our front door. I've made new slipcovers for all the chairs since I took this pic. Fireplace is a wood-burning kiva (beehive) one.

From this angle, you can see the third seating area. It has a built-in adobe banco (bench/sofa) that provides extra seating, gives us a gorgeous view down the valley . . . and keeps visitors from tumbling off the end of the porch and down the hill during parties! I have a rustic coffee table in front of it. Lighting comes from the two wall sconces. I have large throw pillows that I put out there for extra comfort when we entertain.

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You must all have more energy or like cleaning more than I do. LOL How do you ever keep these outdoor rooms clean?

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I think I have lived in 6 houses with screen porches in my life. I found 1 to be easy to keep clean, 4 to be relatively easily cleaned and 1 impossible. That was the one at this current home and we ended up tearing it down and making it into a patio/pergola combination. Sometimes the pollen and dust issues are just too much and the way ours was built, it sort of trapped pollen and dust because of the fans and weepholes that were a part of the home's structure.

When my neighbors cut their grass or blow the grass, all the dust from their mowers and their pollen seemed to settle in my porch. I could clean it impeccably and you could see dust flying into it while they were cutting and mowing, even with our ceiling fans, but the problem seemed to be as #3 son explained it, the design of the house, the way our weep holes and attic fans as part of the construction and the design of the porch sort of trapped everything.

It seemed like we had a dust galley with no opening or to a wine cask without an air hole sotaspeak.

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"Clean" is a relative term, Artlover (LOL!). I sweep my portal once every week or so. Wipe off the tables and lamps then, too. I do shake off the cushions, checking to make sure no spiders, centipedes or mice have taken up residency in or under them every morning, though.
But, if anyone is looking for "clean" as in the clean I keep my dining or family rooms . . . my front portal is NOT that kind of clean . . . not even close!
Lynn ;^P

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Well, it looks great, Lynn. Actually, your outside cleaning routine sounds a lot like my inside routine, except for the part about looks for critters!

We have a lot of pollen around here. Even so, I have a deck and a porch that I will decorate someday in spite of the pollen and my aberrance to cleaning.

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I keep the tablecloth wiped and always weighted with something so it doesn't blow away. Decorations are hung from a tree branch that is suspended from the wooden ceiling. We do a lot of living out here in the summer and I would never consider closing it in with glass, although just about everyone mentions it.

Here is a link that might be useful: our screened in porch

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Oh! I just got my screened porch put together for this year. I'm attaching a link to my personal blog where I tell the story so I don't have to write it twice.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Screened Porch

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Here is mine.......We have Phantom Screens that let up & down by remote controls. They can go up all together or one at a time. We usually only let up the middle one to go grill on the patio, then let it right back down in the summertime. In the winter, we let them all up in their housings for safe keeping. We use our porch alot & we hope to paint our porch floor this Spring also.

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Well it's a new year and it's been so beautiful outside I want to sit on the porch again. I want to get some color out there somehow. My floor is a dark red concrete, my furniture which is so comfy and I love, is brown. I also have a brown stained porch swing. I have a small wicker chair and a little plastic side table I'm thinking of painting fun colors. Any suggestions? red, or blue, or green? I just want my porch to be colorful & fun!

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