Oil Rubbed Bronze Sink Post Strainer

queenofmycastle0221March 17, 2014

I bought two of these last year and had them installed when I purchased a new sink and faucet. One of them has a crack all the way through it. They were installed by the Lowes installer and when I called this morning, they advised me he would be calling to make arrangements to come and look at it. It is under warranty. However, it has turned to a very different color than the faucet by this point and is showing unavailable on Lowe's website. Since it is a double sink, I really want it to match and not sure I would want a stainless steel when the faucet is oil rubbed bronze. Any suggestions?

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ORB is a living finish, and the more you use it, or clean it, the more the bronze underneath will show. It's your choice as to whether to live with that or not. But, no one on the planet is going to come to your house and stare at your sink strainers and give you a look of pity because you didn't "upgrade" from clean, hygenic, non staining, stainless or chrome.

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Oh my! I can't help but laugh. I definitely am not worrying about someone else looking at it. I live in the middle of a cow pasture. It doesn't look like its changing colors, it looks like a finish is coming off. I paid $50.00 each for them and now not sure I can get by with changing out just one.

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