My dog is shaking what is wrong with her?

susanmarthabNovember 12, 2006

My dog is shaking and every time I call her she acts like she has done something wrong and goes under my bed. I investigated things. Her tempature is 102 she is a yorkie-poo. I think this is normal temp. She doesn't normally shake like this.

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When our shih-tzu did this she did have a fever and
vet put her on antibotics. She was fine in a couple of days.

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I googled to double check but 101-102 is normal. Your dog sounds fearful, especially the hiding under the bed. Is that new behavior? Has anything else changed in the house? Construction in the neighborhood? Weather change? Sometimes little dogs get chilled easier than we do.
If your answer is no to all of the above a trip to vet is needed ASAP.

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Shaking is generally a response to one of three stimuli: pain (illness or injury), cold, and/or fear. Cold wouldn't be sending your dog under the bed unless you have a floor heat vent under there. I would assume your dog is either fearful or in pain. A trip to the vet is in order to rule out illness or injury.


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Small dogs are prone to low blood sugar, which could cause trembling. Your vet would need to do blood tests to find out.

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Okay what is new in your home? Did something happen recently, you called your dog and while coming a pan hit the floor next to her??? Something happened to cause the behavior. Did you cal her and scold her, did someone else? Did something fall next to her or some loud noise scare her while you were calling her or while you were holding her.
ALSO, be mindful of placating her too much while she is shaking, dogs think you are rewarding them for that behavior and they will start doing the very thing you are trying to just soothe her past...pleaase post again and let us know if you can think of anything.

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What laurie said. I'd have her checked if this started suddenly and she does it constantly.
My nephew recently lost his dog to pancreatits. He noticed the dog not acting right and 3 days later she died at the vet's office.

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Deb18 is right, I totally forgot about low blood surgar, it would be a good idea to have her checked and to rule out anything else.

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My 65 lb mixed breed once did something similar. I was terrified. He was in the backyard and didn't come when I went out. He was plastered against the fence shaking and wouldn't come when I called. He acted like he didn't hear or see me. I had to get him by his collar and sort of drag him in the house. It was like he was afraid to move. In the house he was still weird, but seemed to be more "there."I couldn't get him out of it all the way and he still kept shaking every few minutes. I didn't have a car so had to call my husband from work. By the time we got to the vet who was waiting, he was fine and they couldn't find a thing wrong. He went in, tail wagging and happier than a hog in mud.Maybe he had a crush on his lady vet, and just wanted to see her. I've still never figured it out. I think maybe he got bit or stung by something that caused pain, and then fear. I don't know. I just know it was scary, and I feel for you.Hopefully a trip to the vet will solve the mystery for you.

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It's odd, but my big, confident, happy 80lb sweetheart did something very similar recently. For about a day and a half she had her tail curled up under her and a very scared look in her eyes. I thought maybe she had hurt her tail, but nothing. Then the next day, happy and trotting around again and no repeat. I think it might have been a sound we could't hear? The smell of a coyote? (They hang around sometimes in the neighborhood). A weather change? Ya never know!

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My dog keeps shaking three mins ago he was fine but he got too sick Somone pls helP me!!!!!!! Idk wat2 do

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what would make my little yorkie jerk..just started..chewing on her front paw active but jerking..could it be she is coming into heat?

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my dog was doing this and she was having seizures

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My dog is acting strange like this as well. 7 month old pitbull. We just went to a new field which barely has people walking on It do there's plenty of growth and plenty of bugs too... Perhaps hd got stung or bit by something or ate too much of something... I'll wait a good 4 hours to see if he still has these symptoms!

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My dog was shaking last night then went into the bathroom and sat in the tub and my other dog is a digger so she digs a spot for comfort my mom hit her and said stop! Then I gave her a hug, but she ran to the other corner of the bathroom, then my alarm went dead and made a screeching sound through the week but that night their waa thunder, so I wake up in the morning and I gave them some water and they didnt drink it, I took them put for a walk and they acted fine outside but when we go inside they go hide , I went over their and my littler dog ashley the first one who acted wierd she when I went in the bathroom and called her to come sit in my lap and ahe raced and shaked in my hands when I backed up she came to me and cuddled under my leg.they. Both wont eat theor dog dood I fed them sum diffrent food and they ate ot they drunk lil of there water bit still acting wierd helllp!

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My dog woke and just started shacking every 5 seconds and i was so scared what was i suppose to do? plz tell me what was wrong!!

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My dog has been shaking her head Everytime she sits up it more of a wobbling then a shaking tho and her nose is dry and she seems to just want to lay down and sleep and she is usually up wanting to play around and stuff and she just started doing this 2 hours ago

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