Please show me your (corner) prep sink

cploverMarch 15, 2011

I am looking to have an undermount corner prep sink in my new layout but am having difficulty picturing what shape sink I should have for a corner. I was originally thinking round, but found out it is more expensive to have a sink cut out of a soapstone counter if it is round not square/rectangle. I am also not sure about placement.

Thanks in advance for the advice!!

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I have an 18" square prep sink in my corner between a run of cabinets and the peninsula. The placement works really well for me. No pics - techno challenged.

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Blfenton- Mine too will be between a run of cabinets and my peninsula. Did you put it in a corner cabinet? Anything you like about the size/depth of the sink? Any advice?

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buehl has one... i think she's been too busy to post lately. circuspeanut has a nifty one with a "lid" in the counter. Check out the threads for more info in their posts.

Thread: How big is your prep sink?

Here is a link that might be useful: Prep Sink in a Small Kitchen (scroll down for circuspeanut's sink)

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Actually, I was wrong. I just went and measured everything. My sink is a 16" (not 18") square Franke GNX 11016 sink set in a 36" x 36" corner cabinet.
The sink was supposed to be the bigger one of 16" x 18" to the back but I'm glad that it's the smaller one.
The angle cut across the front of the sink is 16" long.

My peninsula is 5' (62") out from the wall and under the non-sink part of it (to my left )is my micro-wave which takes up the rest of the peninsula. To the right of the prep sink is my pull-out trash and then drawers. I prep to the right with my range being 5' down to my right.

My peninsula is 42" deep - 25" is granite with the rest of it a dark-stained maple overhang with a couple of stools.
I know that there are a lot of people who don't like corner sinks. I wanted one in this location because it lets me look out to our backyard and beyond which is forested when I'm just preparing by myself. But on the other side of the peninsula is our eating table and a sitting area and so when we have ocmpany it lets me talk to our guests and to be part of the action when I'm making dinner.
Our clean-up sink is where our only original sink was and it is at the other end of the kitchen (a funny galley shaped thing) which always had me with my back to our guests and away from the action.
I absolutely love the way it works and turned out. The size is perfect I find. It is a bit of a juggling act because the bigger the sink the bigger the corner cabinet required. BUt this is a good size. It's 8" deep but because it's undermount it actually reads as 9" deep.

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Thanks ironcook! I had seen both Buehl's and circus peanut's before. I cannot figure out for the life of me how/where circus peanut's sink is placed! My plan is to go with ikea cabinets and they do not have make one of the those nifty angled front corner cabinets (like Buehls) so that the sink can sit parallel to the front of the cabinet. Mine, I think we would be more like circuspeanuts. I was hoping someone had advice as to what cabinet to use.

Thanks again!

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Hi newbieremodeler,

I don't have advice. Forgive me. But I do have images
maybe they can help you. Or at least bump up the message
so others can chime in. I also think it is a shame they
are charging you more for round if this is what you love.
Take comfort in the fact a square sink can be just as
pretty. Take a look below at the Soapstone counter.


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Circus Peanut

hi ironcook!

My sink resulted out of sheer circumstance; I used recycled cabinets and had to make the shapes work somehow in my kitchen. I loathe, loathe, loathe corner cabinets and spinning susans, so we wanted to use the corner cabinet differently. We put it in there, removed the super susan from it and flipped the door hinges. It wasn't too hard to put the plumbing back there (I've even got a disposal on that sink).
The drawback, of course, is that the sink had to be placed further than I'd like from the edge of the counter, so that it wouldn't hit the drawer or other side cabinet. It's 15" in circumference, for reference.

So this:

turned into this:

and now:

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Circus Peanut

Whoops, this is for newbieremodeler actually. And I drew a different schematic to stick in there -- here:

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Circuspeanut!! Thanks! I get it now.. so it was a blind corner cabinet that you turned into a prep sink cabinet. That makes more sense. I know you were recycling cabinets, as opposed to buying new cabinets, but how have you liked the sink being in a 90 degree angle as opposed to an angled front cabinet. my layout for this area is very similar to yours, in that I will have my range in the same place. did you have consider putting your prep sink further down the peninsula? Also do you like that your prep sink is round? Or do you think if you would do it again you prefer a rectangular shape? Thanks again!

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Boxer- love the prep sink photos! I am not necessarily sold on a round sink, it was just an option I was considering. I was just surprised that the cost for round was more--or at least at the one place I have checked out thus far.

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Here's ours. I love that we can work at it from two sides, and easily reach the faucet from two sides. ours is 18"

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Newbie- I like the way the blind corner cabinet works for the prep sink. I'm no expert, but IMHO, round might fit better in the corner, but if you slid it over a bit, the rectangular might work well, too.

Boxer- Nice pictures! I was thinking about a round prep sink for my island, but I really like that rectangular undermount sink with the marble (photo 9) that's beautiful :)

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Circus Peanut

hi newbie,
I love the round shape, but that was also a coincidence (it's a $15 old hospital sink from Habitat for Humanity). Can't comment on its advantages vis-a-vis rectangular, but we do like the ease of washing it down (no corners). Ours is rather deep, so this helps reduce splashing.

Yes, I suspect a 45degree angled counter would be more comfortable than the 90degree we have. I do find myself wedging in trying to get closer to the thing. If we were shorter folks, or shorter armed, it might bug us even more. Definitely get the thing as close to the counter edge as you can, whichever shape you get.

I would say that if it's your only sink in the kitchen, definitely move it further down the peninsula from the range. We couldn't move it down since we were stuck with the specific cabinetry we had, but it might have been preferable in some ways -- we find ourselves doing most of our prep in that space between sink and range. We've solved this by adding a cutting board lid so that we can ignore the sink altogether when we don't need immediate running water as part of the prep.

Like Pirula, we love that it's accessible from both directions. For us, the patio door is right on the other side of the peninsula, so folks can come in from outdoors and run themselves a glass of water without disturbing anyone in the kitchen.

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Mine is weird. Er, unusual. Had orginally planned a 90-degree angle like circuspeanut's only not quite so far back (I suspect I'm shorter than she is) but my contractor worried that the section of counter in front of it would be too weak, so we devised this sort of modified apron sink effect...


FWIW it's a 15" diameter Rohl fireclay sink (interior dimension). Its sides are not meant to be exposed, but they didn't look bad at all. For good measure, we had a professional bathtub refinisher hit the exposed part with that white "enamel" spray they use.

In the background you can see the chopping block that fits over the top like circuspeanut's, for when we want more counter surface.

If we'd had room in that corner for an angled cabinet, we probably would have done that instead.

Of course we were able to do this because our contractor was making all the cabinetry himself. He created this whacky little narrow corner cab under the sink which is actually surprisingly useful... I store my large chopping blocks and baking sheets there. Otherwise, that corner cabinet is accessed from the other side of the peninunsa.

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Sorry this is so big.

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Wow viva99, that's really cool!! Your cabinets are beautiful....

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Thanks, Pirula. Means a lot coming from you. I recently saw pictures of your house, and not only is it beautiful, it features some of the coolest built-in cabinetry I've ever seen. Killa!

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viva, that's fantabulous!!! You are now the official charm expert. Is your finished kitchen on the FKB?

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viva, that sink rocks! I wish we were able to do custom cabinets, b/c yours are beautiful and what your cabinet guy/gal was able to do with that corner is brilliant! I am not sure what I will able to do with ikea cabinets. I have checked out the ikeafans website, but have not come up with much.

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Thanks, Marcolo! I'm working my way toward the FKB... No sooner was my kitchen finished (last month), than I proceeded to lose my camera. Above shot was taken with my phone, hence the haze.

My other hesitation is I went off these boards for nearly a year while our reno got delayed, so I feel like a bit of an interloper now. "Hey! You don't know me, but check out my new kitchen!" Which is ironic, since I lurked here virtually hours a day back when I was in the planning stage 1-2 years ago, often posting questions just like newbie's. And what a godsend all these brilliant, generous minds were to me then. So I'm trying to get over my shyness, offering one personal experience at a time, hoping to "give back" a little, as they say...

Oh, and did I mention I tend to overthink things?

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Thanks, Newbie.

As I mentioned, an angled cabinet would have worked just as well, and I believe Ikea makes those. We couldn't do the angle because it would have left us with too little counter frontage between sink and range, and on the other side of the sink, which is our main prep area.

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That is so very kind of you viva99, thank you.

I know how you feel about the interloperishness. I was active here for almost 4 years, then disappeared to enjoy my kitchen and only come as I can to help where I can. But everyone is welcome! Especially someone with as beautiful a space as yours. Can't wait till you find your camera!

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Viva, I am dying over your prep sink--that is so unbelievably charming--I wish I would have thought of that! How cute is that?!

Your cabinets are beautiful, too! Please post more!

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Guess I'm going to have to buy a new camera then. Or wait for a sunnier day to use my Iphone.. Thanks for the kind words, pirula and shelayne.

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