Pug Butt Scoots on carpet - yuck!

sweebyNovember 8, 2011

We're dog-sitting for a friend's pug, and this morning I noticed a disturbing (to me anyway) behavior. Sorry for the graphic description...

She'd sit on our living room rug and scoot her backside back and forth like she was scratching an itch. Because of her anatomy - well... Then she'd turn around and sniff the carpet. Then she did this a few more times before we were able to scoop her up and put her outside.

I didn't see any 'klingons' or any clear signs of why she might be doing this. My first thought was worms... Hubby says his friends take her to the vet regularly, but aren't worms pretty normal for dogs? And if this is likely to be the cause, should we then worry about our two dogs?

Anyway -- Any ideas why she might be doing this? Cleaning the rug would be an expensive deal since it's a large Oriental...

If it sheds any light - we have two dogs of our own (male Aussie and female Lab) and they haven't shown an unusual interest in the 'scratching post' area.

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Anal sacs that need to be emptied? That was my first thought.

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My thought would be worms. Yes the other dogs can have them and your kids can have them. Depending I think on the kind. My dog was laying on the couch beside me, when she got up I looked down and there lay a 6 inch tape worm. That was a real Yuck and that's why I won't let a dog in my bed or least under the covers.

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Anal sacs/glands needing to be emptied is probably more likely than worms.

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LOL! I had to laugh when I saw your topic. I grew up with a pug, Duchess, and I remember her regularly scootching in circles on the cranberry colored rug in the formal living room ... she'd leave little white circles of fur and my Mom would get so ticked off.

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anal glands most likely. When I worked at a vet office yrs ago, and they showed me how to empty them, I asked if they were joking. They weren't, and I ended up emptying them more times than I care to recall! It's a skill, just not sure I'm proud to have learned it lol.

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Well, I guess between the two hypotheses, I like the anal sacs theory better than worms. ;-)

Is that anything that can't wait a week until our friends get back?

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yep, it can wait a week but if the anal glands are blocked eventually they can get infected or abscess so it's best to have them dealt with by the owner soon. Often when this happens there can be a rather unpleasant odor around the back end as well (although nothing like the odor of having them cleaned out) seriously nothing should smell THAT bad :/ , it's just wrong!

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I probably would just take a stool sample to the vet, just to rule out the worst.

Any dog groomer can empty the anal glands. You don't have to go to the vet for that... its probably one or the other..

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