No turkey bones for pets!

marlingardenerNovember 25, 2009

I'm fairly sure you all know this, but turkey (or any poultry) bones break into shards and can cause serious damage to a pet's digestive tract. Giving a bit of turkey is fine, just don't give the drumstick!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you pets, and your servants!

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mine don't get bones OR meat since poultry doesn't agree with them!

happy thanksgiving to all!!!

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Learn from my experience. Don't let your dog lick out the roasting pan, either. Pancreatitis can be fatal. Even partially rinsed, the brown crusties at the bottom of the pan are too fatty for the health of your pets.

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I cook the turkey innards and give the heart to the dog as his Turkey Day treat. The rest of the gizzard gets chopped up and put into the dressing for the humans (but, shhhh! don't tell the kids).

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Mine get all the innards (raw). The neck is the hard part -- I have to smash it with a hammer in order to cut it in half for them.

Cooked way.

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Yep, the dog gets the raw neck and the cats get the chopped innards.

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A neighbor had a dog die from chicken bones..My sister won't feed bones from pork chops. One of her dogs had trouble with them, they tend to splinter. Vet told her no bones at all.

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I agree.. remember.... RAW bones are fine.. they don't "splinter"... cooked bones "splinter".

I've been known to throw my pups (old dogs) an occasional raw neck bone, but never cooked bones.

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