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GejodiSeptember 2, 2012

Hi all ..been perusing the web for water softener info and found this site. If you all feel generous with your time perhaps you can answer some questions to clear up some confusion on my part. I am having a house built in Ocala Florida. The house has 2 full baths: One shower and one shower/bath combo. It will be occupied by my wife and I with an occasional visit of 2 to 4 people for no greater than 2 weeks at a time perhaps 4 to 6 times a year?? The water is supplied by a utiliy company which gets its water from a number of wells. The utility company told me that the hardness is 9.3 gpg and has a very low iron content of .3. I am considering purchasing a Fleck unit online and installing myself as I have done a lot of new and repair plumbing in my old house. I initially thought to purchase a Sears hybrid but comments here about quality and perhaps chlorine removal made me feel that ill wait to see what the taste and odor of the water is after I move in before i treat for chlorie/taste filtering. I believe that that 9.3 gpg however is enough to warrant a softener??? Im sorry but im still confused on what size softener I should get and settings? I am also not sure if I do elect to order online if all parts ie bypass valves gravel, resin would be included. Also should I plumb for a filter should i place in line in future? In advance I will thank you guys for any help you can provide. Dont have much more info to give as I am not living there yet so Ill understand if you cant make a decision based on what i have included.


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A couple of questions:

1. Do you have a full water report? I assume you are on city water. If so, providing the city's water report would be helpful. Obtain a few reports - water may vary seasonally.

2. A full water test would be good as well from YOUR house. Often the water will pick up a few things along the way from the point where the city tests.

3. Manganese is closely related to iron, and they are often found together. Is there manganese in your water?

4. SFR (service flow rate) is important. To size a softener appropriately, we will need to know the max flow you can get. Open an outdoor spigot, or a tub faucet and time how long it takes to fill a gallon bucket.

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Aliceinwonderland...All that you ask for makes sense so I guess im a little premature as my home is not completely built yet. I was hoping to get an answer before I moved in and before any water was used through the house/appliances so I could install before any damage was done. I will have to re post when I obtain info that you ask for ...thanks and sorry for being premature.


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Not a problem. You can get city reports now. I can also help with SFR estimate if you can tell me the size your supply lines will be (3/4" or 1" would be typical) and you can ask any neighbors close by what their pressure is, if they know. You could also get a water sample from a neighbor for more complete testing - their water should by nearly identical if you are using city water.

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