Shower squeal is deafning!

dgmarieSeptember 10, 2008

We have a shower upstairs which, when the water begins to get hot, squeals unbelievably loudly. It is earsplitting and it lasts for up to three minutes. Adjusting the temp a little cooler or warmer doesn't do much except scald or freeze the showerer. This is a 10 year old home and water pressure is fine. What can we do? Rip open the wall? Replacing the shower head hasn't made any difference. The children hate to use this shower. It's do da#$ loud!

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What kind of valves?
If the valve packing on a conventional valve is bad the valve stem can vibrate causing a squeeling noise.

Repacking the valve (Teflon packing is the best) usually solves the problem.

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The valves? I have a moen shower faucet set. Not sure if this is what you mean by kind of valves. What is the "valve packing?"

Can you walk me through what to do? DH has pipe wrenches, teflon tape etc and is quite handy but not sure how to solve this/what to buy.

Thank you for answering. My children will be so happy not to take a "scarey" shower.

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Found the solution online and thought I'd share with anyone is the same boat--the tub spout diverter wasn't sealing properly. If I put my hand tightly over the spout while the shower was running, the noise stopped. I noticed the tub was also still dripping water when the shower was running. So I adjusted the pull up plug to be tighter and voila, no more noise. Free and works. Can't beat that!

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