Another Houston Build. Surpised at the ball park quote

NalaiJanuary 31, 2012

Foremost I'd like to thank everyone on this board, I never knew building a pool was so complex. And now it's my turn to seek a little advice.

First off does anyone know WATTS POOL in Houston TX. I've looked around and although they have been in business since the 1960's I can't seem to find any recommendations or reviews.

Second after much reading we are just starting to look at companies to bid on our pool, but we have a pretty good idea of what we are looking for.

I pass by Watts everyday so on a whim I decided to stop in and see if I could schedual someone to come out and give me a quote. They sat me down with a designer. I drew him a sketch since my husband and I had just looked over our survey and walked our yard not to mentioned measured everything. His ball park price left me floored since the pool we are looking to build is smaller and simpler than many I have seen posted on this board for this area.

So I'm just wondering if I'm just that far off base.

What we are looking to build is a 14'x29' pool 4'/5.5'/4.5' depth changes. Possibly a 7' spa centered along the length. With the stairs leading into the pool on the left of the spa and a bench to the right of the spa.

3' decking around, most likely stamped concrete. Pebble tec since I like the longevity. Tile for the water line and simple coping that can handle a SWG pool (he recommends against SWG says it gives too much trouble with the coping and decking materials, but... I've read enough to know that that is seriously material dependent.) There is an extra 12'x28' deck that we'd like poured, again stamped concrete. and filling in the 6' that's left from the back of the house to the edge of the pool (another 120 sqft).

Anyways. His main concern was why we were orienting the pool the way we were. There is a 32'x30' large square area left over to the right of the pool, the main reason is that we have kids and that area is where their jungle gym sits.

He wasn't big on pebble tec and said that a white plaster could last long time with proper maintenance (did I mention they are a service center too?). And that pebble tec would add about 4500 to the quote.

He went on to say that using pentair equipment (san the SWG) the pool would run 45k-55k.

Is that reasonable? Mind you this wasn't an official bid just a ball park. He did seem quite surprised that we had such a preset idea as to what we are looking for and where we wanted it.

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seems a little high for houston. Our pool is a 17x35 rectangle, 4-5-4, 7x7 spa (inside pool), pebble sheen for 64K in austin. We are also getting 250 sqft poured deck and 500 sq ft of 3x3 ft lueders pavers (about $3500 just for stone, probably about that much in labor). Plus we are getting a covered patio with stone columns, metal roof and wood underside.

Houston builds seem cheaper than austin for some reason. Based on what I have seen on this site I would expect 35-45k for houston (including spa and heater and pebble).

We got 5 quotes that ranged in price from 40K-90K

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I don't think Watts is far off with Pebble Tec and stamped concrete decking. More specifics on measurements, where you live (permits required?), distance from gas and electric meters, any topo issues, etc., determine the final price. Be prepared to sign a waiver if you insist on a salt water pool.

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Here's a to scale drawing that I made:

The back of the house is at the bottom of the picture.
Gas, Electric and Water meters are on the right side of the house about 20' from the bottom of the picture. Water spigot is at the back left corner of the house.

Red dashed lines on left and right are the fence lines. Red dashed line between the green area delineates the easement from our back fence line. There is an electrical box in the back right corner in the easement.

Backyard is level ground there's suppose to be a slight slope to drain towards the front/sides but not really.

There is a 10'x10' patio currently where you see the 13'x27'

Live in NW Harris county outside Houston city limits, not sure of the permits.

Now he said BASE PRICE was 45k-55k not including pebble tec or the swg.

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Which way is North?

I would say that that is likely high on the rough guestimate.

Have him put things on paper as a real proposal then lets look.


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Nalai, does the total deck area that amount to about 880 sq ft or am I reading it wrong?

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After reviewing the drawing, I now feel the ballpark estimate is high. Watts is a good company though

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Closer to 800 sqft
we should be getting several quotes in the next few weeks.

We have the pool man, redman pools, pool craft, watts, aquascapes coming in to look over the yard.

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Why so many bids, Nalai? You will frustrate yourself getting too many. Three is plenty. My customers find that to be the case.

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Originally just had, poolman, redman and aquascapes. Stopped into watts on a whim since I pass it everyday. Pool craft came recommended from a friend when I commented how surprised I was at the ball park figure.

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call me

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Tried to get your email though your website but it appeares to be down. Any other way to get you? You don't seem to alow email though this site.

N.M. I found the email though facebook

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I don't think that is too far off. You are pretty close to my configuration for the pool, you are adding PT and a spa. The amount of patio is similar (mine was a cool coating material) but all in all you are pretty in-line with your additions. If you can really do what you laid out for $45K I think you are probably doing well. Based on my pool and everything I have I would have thought with your additions you would have been in the higher end of that range. Of course these are just my thoughts, and I too had three quotes before I built mine, one higher and one lower. Oh and I am in Austin, so if Houston typically runs higher or lower take that into consideration...but I can't imagine it would be a huge swing.

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