16 vs. 18 gauge Stainless Steel sink? Ticor or Universal?

sarapamelaMarch 31, 2012

After reading messages in this forum, I know that 16 gauge SS is stronger and better than 18 gauge....but will I notice the difference? I like this Ticor 16 gauge sink a lot :

The one the granite fabricator is "throwing in" is only an 18 gauge.... Similar shape, but no grid. Should I try to get an allowance from the fabricator to put in the Ticor one I want, or will the 18 gauge "freebie" be ok? I guess I could buy a grid elsewhere???

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If you're going to the expense of getting granite, wouldn't it be foolish to compromise on the sink? It's only a couple of hundred dollars to buy the sink & grid and maybe less if the granite fabricator will give you an allowance.

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So, it sounds like there is a noticeable difference between the 16 and 18 gauge stainless? I'll try to get an allowance and go for the higher quality!

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16 is commonly used in zero and half radius sinks because the thicker steel is needed when the shapes are not stamped out. Either is wonderful providing the grade of the steel itself is high quality.

The percentage of nickel and chromium determines corrosion resistance. The higher the percentage, the better the grade of stainless. 304 grade stainless is comprised of 18% chrome and 10% nickel.

Look for "Certified" 304 Stainless Steel.

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If he wouldn't give you a discount, maybe you could sell the sink he's offering on CL or in a garage sale. That would help offset the cost. I'm guessing that getting a grid to fit would cost about 50 dollars or so.

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Not all sinks have grids. The shape you are considering is not a common shape so you will most likely need one specific to your sink from the manufacturer. In addition, the cost could be $50 or it could be $150 or more. Do your research; do not assume anything.

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I went through this a month ago when we bought our granite. We were given a free 16 gauge sink. I wasn't impressed and started thinking that it was quite ridiculous to pay for granite and then use a cheap sink. I bought a Ticor sink but a single bowl. It is the size of a double bowl without the separation. It is wonderful. I can fit a whole cookie sheet in. My advice, go for the better sink.

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I'm in the same boat. I haven't yet purchased a sink but they had some 16G c-tech sinks at the granite place and they looked beautiful and felt so sturdy and solid. I think I'll go with 16G. I heard some manufacturers fudge the on gauge because they report the "thickest" point, not the average. CHeck out Kraus. They seem a bit more affordable than c-tech.

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Just found out that they will give me a whoppin' $50 allowance if we don't get their sink..... Is that a bit ridiculous, or what? Oh well.....what are ya gonna do? Guess we'll just get the sink we like and figure what's another couple hundred when spening thousands? Wish I could figure out a way to save some every now and then, but it seems to always be the other way around!

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