Cat behavior...what do you think?

sue36November 8, 2010

Last night we were having a horrible rain/wind storm. I went to bed late so I went into the guest room (I do this a lot, kitties are used to it). At about 2:30 Girl Cat came in meowing furiously. She wouldn't let up. I got up, went into the bathroom, she followed. She followed me back to the bedroom, never stopped meowing the entire time. A desperate meow, like she had something to tell me. My imagination started getting the better of me and I imagined he was like Lassie alerting everyone that Timmy fell in the well. I started to worry that DH was hurt, sick, etc. So I went into the other room to check that he was ok. He was ("are you ok" "yeah, why" "Girl Cat told me to check on you" "ok, go back to bed"). Girl cat shut up as soon as I checked on him. She stayed with him, I went back to bed. Not a peep from her for the rest of the night. BTW, Boy Cat watched all this with slight amusement, he never got off the bed.

So, what do you think?

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Boy Cat must have told Girl Cat that dh was in danger. My son would have done something like that to his sister. And my cats (boy and girl) act just like them sometimes.


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