Tight toilet rough-in - options?

cinnamonsworldSeptember 12, 2010

Getting ready to put tile up the walls in an older house, and even without, I've got just an 11.5" rough-in space for the toilet. The walls will be 1/2" backer board and on top of that 3/8"-thick granite tile squares.

I'd wanted to put in a Kohler Santa Rosa toilet but it's only got a 7/8" space at the back of the tank; one of the Cimarrons has a 1.25" space, according to their literature.

So is my best bet getting the Cimarron or is there any relatively uncomplicated, not expensive solution to get a little more space?

The wood subfloor is currently exposed, and I can see the toilet drain through the hole cut in the subfloor for it.


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I should add... the current space is just barely over 11.5" ... I'm hopeful the 1.25"-gap Cimarron would have enough leeway in the hole position to fit, but would check that out with my tile guy and plumber before buying. (I'd strongly prefer the Santa Rosa toilet if there's an option to use that though.)

One other possibility I suppose is going with 1/4" backer board but I'd prefer the 1/2" as we have to hang a big mirror on that wall.

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How about a 10" rough in toilet?

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I thought about that (a 10" rough-in toilet), but the choices aren't that great for the style of bathroom I'm hoping to do - and it's gonna be a black toilet, which narrows the choices further. (But that possibility does loom out there.)

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I, too, have an 11.5" rough-in. I already have a 12" toilet. What now???

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What now? See if it fits. There's probably an extra 1/2" to work with (some toilets have as much as one inch). BTW, don't count the baseboard when measuring since the main issue is room for the tank.

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