Long-Lived Tankless electric? - for 2br Condo

cityboyinburbsSeptember 6, 2012

I'm getting an all-electric condo unit ready for rental.

2br 1 bath of about 950 sq.ft.

Currently, it has a 30gal low-boy H/W tank (30" high - sits in kitchen cabinet).

The H/W unit is some 9 years old, I think I want to replace it before it springs a leak and floods people below.

I'm considering putting in a tankless unit from ????

...and that's the question, which units are reliable & long-lived.

The Rheem 13kw unit, should do the job, and electric wiring to current tank should be sufficient

(will have to check breaker/wire size) but should I go with Rheem, or Bosch, or......????

I keep reading reviews where someone has had 2 & 3 units replaced in the space of 1-2 years.

Mostly seems heating elements burn out.

I really do not want to deal with tenant complaints about "no hot water".

Experiences - Positive or Negative - anyone?


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Sophie Wheeler

Any whole house units will need 60 amps, conservatively, to be able to supply enough hot water for a shower. And that's if your incoming water is warm. You'd need even more amps if the water is cold, as in most of the rest of the "temperate" country. Those areas would need 100-150 amp type water heater. If you're in the North, forget it completely. What is your location and what is the lowest incoming temperature of your water in the winter? What size electric panel do you have? How close is it to the current water heater to be able to have an easy rewiring situation? Is the additional expense of rewiring worth it to you as a landlord for the additional longevity, or would you rather just replace a $300 water heater (plus $300 install fee) every 5 years or so and still be dollars ahead?

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That tank should be in a pan with a drain.

I doubt the wiring is anywhere near sufficient for the 60amps required by the 13kw unit you're asking about. (Probably about half that.) Doing a major wiring upgrade in a condominium could be problematic with the board.

As suggested, just replace the old heater if it is of concern.

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