Progress Pics & Question about Fire and Ice backsplash

kristine_2009March 12, 2010

I called a local dealer to see if I could order Jeffrey Courts Fire and Ice and they wanted to know if I wanted the quantize or the slate? They said the slate is darker and it is also on backorder until May. Which one is in Jodi in So Cal's kitchen? That is the one I love :)

And my second question you guys think Fire and Ice would even look good in my kitchen? LOL.:) I have cherry cabinets and ubatuba granite. My floor is a kind of a "busy" porcelain 20" tile. I don't want it to clash with the backsplash.

Thanks everyone!

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Jodi has the lighter quartzite, but replaced some of the glass tiles with darker 'umber' color glass tiles.

Yes, I think the fire and ice will be beautiful in your kitchen, but let some of the others that have it give their thoughts, too. Your floor tile is more brown than the grey of the fire and ice. Are you getting a sample? I would recommend that if you can spare the time.

I am also thinking of using the fire and ice.

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Yes, we used the Quartz Fire & Ice. If you want it darker once it's installed, you can apply an Enhancer. We just used a Sealer which did not change the color or darkness.


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Thanks for the help! I am thinking of ordering sight unseen because they are out of samples too!. If anyone could photoshop fire and ice onto my backsplash I would greatly appreciate it. I tried earlier today using paint, but I wasn't very successful.
I do wonder it hard to clean? Grease splatters from the stove are the only thing that really worries me.

Thanks again everyone!

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Well, I think you're in luck regarding the keeping it clean thing. I got my sample this week and was planning to seal it and do the stain test this weekend. The only hiccup in my getting it done this weekend is the sealer. I know I have an enhancing sealer but I don't plan to enhance it, and I am not sure if I have a non-enhancing sealer on hand.

I wondered the same thing about keeping it clean, and I posted about this a while back - see link. I also asked at the tile store and they said that I should be ok as long as I seal it and reapply the sealer every 6 to 12 months (it's not difficult to do the sealing).

Here is a link that might be useful: F&I cleanability

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Kristine, I did a couple of mock-ups for you. The only difference is in the first pic the tile doesn't go all the way to to ceiling above the sink or all the way to the edge on the right.

Hope it helps.


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Thank you so much Jodi! I really like it!

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jodi in so calif- could you help me photo shop a backsplas to my space? I'm not sure what you need to get it started?

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Rufinorox, I'm heading out of town right now for a couple days. I won't be able to help you until some time next week as my Photoshop program is at work.

I need a nice clear, wide shot of your kitchen with as few things on the counter as possible.


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I have completed my stain testing on my fire and ice sample. I put two coats of sealer on and let them dry for 27 hours. I applied one strip of Stonetech Heavy Duty Sealer and another strip with Stonetech Rich Color Enhancer. I know nothing about sealers, but I like the Stonetech products because they are water based, don't smell chemically (hardly smell at all), and I have had good results with the enhancer version on our slate fireplace surround. The enhancer version was not the best choice for sealing in a kitchen, but I had some already, so I tested it. They make a heavy duty enhancer version which is what I will use if I enhance. Both of them say that they last 3 to 5 years and are easy to apply. We can't see the non-enhanced strip at all.

I tested veg oil, mustard, curry powder in oil, coffee, margarine, spaghetti sauce and balsamic vinegar on both sealers. I put the stains on the two lightest pieces of quartzite. The only obvious stain was the curry in oil on the enhanced sealer. The mustard also shows a tiny bit on the enhanced sealer, but it's barely noticeable. I think the mustard and curry left a little smudge on the heavy duty sealer, but I'm not sure, and it's definitely not obvious. It just looks like a natural part of the stone.

My DH was really skeptical about putting this back splash behind the stove, but both of us are now convinced that it will cleaning it not be a problem.

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Forgot one thing about my stain test. I left the items on the tile overnight, for about 15 hours.

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Thank you pudgybaby for letting me know the results!

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I've had F&I for about a year and a half, and have had no issues with staining.

I really like the photoshop Jodi did. Kristine, if the store can't lend a sample, I think it would be a good idea to order a single square foot to make sure you like it IRL. Or, maybe you could do a shout out to see if someone has some leftover tile (sorry, I don't).

If you don't take the tile to the ceiling (and I prefer that rendition), you can finish off the tile with some Jeffrey Court glass half-dome pieces in coral.

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Oh another thing...could someone tell me how thick the fire and ice tile is? One of my walls isn't perfectly straight so they filled it with epoxy between the granite and the wall. If the tile isn't thick enough to cover the gap, we will need to built up the wall with something in that area I guess.

morton5~I will ask again about getting a sample. When I called they said they had a couple "pieces" of it but not a full sheet. They said the samples were on back order too, but maybe that was just the slate version. I will specifically ask about the quartzite this time.

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Our fire and ice tile-quartzite-should be in this week. I have pieces of the burnt umber glass squares that I bought from monica-another poster on GW-and they are 1/4" thick if that helps?? The quartzite has lighter colors than the slate.

pudgybaby-I also thank you for the test results. Our fire and ice is going on the stove wall. Tile store recommended sealing before grouting and again after grouting. We don't intend to enhance as like the lighter color.

jodi-Thanks for the mock ups you did. Now I see how ending the tile at the counter looks. We will have that same small area from counter to wall end on the right of the picture of kristine's kitchen that will just have the paint on it. Couldn't visualize how that would look so thanks.

kristine-Your kitchen is going to look amazing!!

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Was wondering what countertops are people pairing with the F & I?

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My perimeter cabinets are medium-dark cherry, my new island will be black(with some rubbed cherry showing through) and the floors are a light wood. Thanks for the suggestions

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My counters are ubatuba.

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My countertops are black pearl.

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