asking again for help with rescue transport

ilmbgNovember 8, 2009

I had asked a few months ago for help with transporting a rescue miniature dachshund from Jacksonville, FL to somewhere near Cody, WY. Maybe to Denver, Billings, MT or Salt Lake City. I need to do this ASAP, as there is another dog needeing to get into the rescue.

Is anyone going to Florida for Thanksgiving?? Thank you

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I wish you the very best.

Have you tried craigslist?
(if you do find someone via craigslist, be sure to check their bonafides.)

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yep- put a message on Craig'slist with no response...praying someone is going to Florida for Thanksgiving..

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Have you tried contacting the Dachshund Rescue group to see if they could assist? Their site says they have a network throughout the states. They might have some kind of system in place that could assist with transport.

(There is also a Florida forum in the gardening section. Perhaps you can meet someone expecting company that would be willing to help).

Here is a link that might be useful: Dachshund Rescue

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you know you might also want to contact Best Friends, I bet they have a ton of contacts

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Did you ever get your doxie transported?
DH and I do dog transports for a couple of groups. You can check with Operation Roger or the Dog Rescue Railroad (a Yahoo group).

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In case ilmbg doesn't check back here, he/she did receive the doxie somehow, but says it was several years older and much less healthy than represented.

I've had good luck getting pets from rescue groups and was sorry to hear this.

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