Is my pool sinking!!! Help

bokshJanuary 25, 2011

When the pool company closed my pool they added chemicals for the pool not to freeze. But does that keep the whole pool from freezing. I do not think they did a good job. It seems that the entire pool is frozen. I walked out to unfreeze the pump and noticed that the water was solid frozen. And to make things worse the deck is separated from the pool (higher) by about an inch. I have a call to the pool company that did the closing, but would appreciate any incite sine I am clueless on this before I talk to them. Are they responsible since they closed it?

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1) Antifreeze is added to the lines by some in case the plug leaks, not to the pool. Pools freeze. Liner pools, no problem. Pools with tile, the water level must be kept below the tile line to keep tiles from cracking and popping off.

2) I doubt the pool is sinking. I'll bet the deck heaved. water got trapped in the soil. When the ground froze the water expanded and lifted the deck.

3) The company that closed the pool is not responsible based on what has been said so far. The can probably help you though.

Until the ground thaws and the water drains, there isn't anything you can do. It may settle, it may partly settle, or it may stay there.

How old is the pool?
Did you have it built?
Is it a liner pool, concrete, or fiberglass pool?
What is the deck made of?


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The pool is 3 years old. it is concrete and the deck is cement. what are my options if the deck does not settle?

Thanks for the input.

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Without pictures of the construction and current condition, nobody can suggest anything.


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Don't know where you live, but I keep my pool running year around Also have a freeze guard. Running water does not freeze. However, I live in Texas, and our version of cold is 30 degrees at night.

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Somehow, I suspect that the OP is substantially more North.


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Yes I live in northern Maryland. It hits 7 degrees the other day.

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We're in SE PA with the same issue. Just hoping the deck settles in the springtime. On the bright side, at least it isn't 7 degrees anymore. Downside, we're getting a foot of snow tonight.

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Where is the water level in relationship to the decking?

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More importantly, is the gap between the coping and deck sealed with a self leveling sealant to block water penetration?

I have seen a lot of pools built with a foam backer to create a space between the deck and coping to create an expansion joint. Then people let the foam deteriorate, opening the gap and allowing water in.

The foam should be cut down some shortly after the deck cures and the sealant applied.


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Yes it "was sealed" now it it torn so I am going to have to redo it in the spring.

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I live in Southern California and I have the same problem:

one courner of the pool has sunk about an inch
the pool was built in 2005
it is concrete with peb tech
I dont see any cracks in the pool, but the coping is cracked on the oposite end of the pool
5 months ago, I changed the decking as it used to be interlocking pavers. Pool builder said it was a "stand alone" pool and the deck didn't matter concerning the pool
In 5 months, the deck seal is seperating to suggest further movement.

where do I go from here? Who is responsible?

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