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sarahmh509January 2, 2013

You have all been extremely helpful to this lurker, and now that I have been getting bids, I'd like to see your thoughts. This quote is for a freeform, vinyl pool in upstate ny. In addition to this quote, I also received a quote of 60k for a grotto, from my research that is extremely high.

Any thoughts? I know from lurking that the flex pvc pipe is not ideal.

Thank you in advance for your time, thoughts, comments and help!

Design Detail

Pool Structure Will be structural resin polymer. The pool shall be reinforced with a 6 � 8 inch by 3-foot concrete bond beam around pool base perimeter. There will also be a polymer brace every
3 �4 feet around the perimeter.

Bottom Material Will be 4" thick hand-troweled 4,000 psi poured concrete.

Liner Shall be 20 mil. virgin vinyl double seamed weld construction. It shall feature vinyzene, a microbial retardant and ultra violet ray inhibitor.

Steps Shall be a full width custom concrete step with integrated bench seat.

Filter Will be a TR-100 sand filter with an Intelliflo variable speed pump. The filter will have a six hour turnover rate of 41,000 gallons.

Plumbing Shall consist of three (3) skimmers, two (2) main drains, and twelve (12) return lines, all plumbed in 2" - 300 psi flex pvc.

Valves Shall be Spears heavy duty schedule 80 commercial gate valves rated at 200 psi.

Accessories Ladder/Step Rail/ Safety Rope/Test Kit/Vacuum Equipment/Starter Chemicals

Pool Pricing

27� x 53� Free Form $75,000.00


Intellichlor 60 Salt Generator $2,195.00
4 Pentair LED Lights $4,000.00

Pentair Master Temp 400,000 Btu gas heater $3,800.00

Vanquish In-Floor cleaning system $6,800.00

Deep water swim-out with 8 jet manifold
and dedicated Intelliflo pump $3,500.00

Easy Touch 8 control system with Screen Logic upgrade Included

Tru-Tile � 6" ceramic tile system $6,800.00

Beach Entry � 4" to 18" custom slope entry with transition staircase at 18" depth Included

2� stamped cantilever coping edge $6,200.00

Custom radius concrete steps Included

Custom Inter Fab slide components $7,800.00 - $8,800.00

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Pacific makes a very good pool. I would skip the Tru-Tile since we Winterize our pools and having as much water in them when they are closed is a good thing. Most liners have a tile line pattern as a standard.

With a pool, faster turnover for residential pools is less preferred than longer filter cycles with the pump turned down so it uses a lot less electricity.

Yuck on the flex. It expands under pressure. It then relaxes when not. Ergo, movement. Friction, leaks,. Under suction, it can collapse.

How big is the pool that 4 lights are needed? Are they color or white?

I've never been a fan of a liner over step configuration.

The beach entry, when the existing liner wears out, will cause it to be quite expensive to replace. Its about 10 years away but still, food for thought.

Base price seems very high too, not unlike the grotto.


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Thank you for replying - I was hoping you would chime in!! :)

Good to know about the Pacific Pools being a good pool, but you are right, I am concerned that they would build with flex pipe and the price is really high, surprisingly also significantly higher than the gunite pool quotes I have been getting.

If their price becomes reasonable I would be happy using them as they are a local company, but am definitely concerned about the price and the cons to vinyl.

How expensive is it to replace when the beach entry wears out?

Also, with the pump/filter selected here, am I getting what is preferred for residential pools?

The pool is 27' by 53' with a grotto area. I will clarify with them if they are color or not.

Also, what would you suggest in place of a liner over step configuration?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!! It is very much appreciated.

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By today's pricing, I would guestimate it at nearly $4500- $6000 dollar job. Add inflation and that goes up too.

I prefer thermoplastic steps. They do come in colors too so you aren't forced into white.

Pacific is just the kit brand. The builders that use flex do it for their benefit, not yours. If I use 20' in a year, that's a lot.

The six hour turn for that filter/pump combo is running full tilt. No need to run that fast. For normal circulation, less than 1/3 that speed will be fine if you run it for a longer period. That is where the power savings of the Intelliflo pump really come in.

Wet is wet so the type of pool is pretty much a wash. Gunite pools have their own set of plastering needs that can more than off-set the costs of a liner.

Without any pictures of your yard and your space available, it's really impossible to say whether a price is fair. In some yards, access is a real PITA for the larger equipment that might be desirable. That would drive up labor. Digging season here is not as long as in Southern climates so prices will be higher. Add in if hitting rock is included and I can easily see a price get that large.


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