drip problem

RoseAbbeySeptember 14, 2011

I have this Peerless single handle faucet which had developed a drip. You can see in the picture, the drop of water forming. Would like to fix myself if possible, any help appreciated.

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I think it repairs like a Delta but I haven't worked on a single handle. Take this under advisement. My first thought would be to shut off water, open handle to relieve pressure, remove handle (may have a set screw that needs a hex wrench, or pry up the end cap gently with something sharp like a utility knife blade), unscrew large round cap without marring it (use a rubber jar opener), carefully pull out ball assemble (everything), remove seat washers and springs underneath with tiny screwdriver, replace with new seats and springs, reinstall everything in reverse order. Just a guess.

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First thing to do is find the documentation that came with the faucet so you know how it is assembled and where the problem might be.

If you don't have the docs then identify the faucet and hunt the docs down on the internet.

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