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dchall_san_antonioSeptember 22, 2011

I am moving to a small town in the Texas desert and will be facing poor water conditions. Before I ask my question I will post the latest report from the local water district.

Population here is 2,000. Nearest city with water softener salesmen is 80 miles away. The water tower is literally across the street about 450 feet from the house. Pipe to the house is 1-inch PVC. Pipe inside the house is (possibly) 1-inch copper with 3/4-inch going to the outdoor faucets.

Clearly I am going to need a softener. I'll ask that question later. My question now is how to deal with the rotten egg smell? When I had it inspected the smell became apparent when the inspector turned on the hot water in the tub. He said it was due to "sulfur build up in the water heater because the house has been vacant." I pointed out to him the house had been occupied the previous month by three men. It had only been vacated a few hours prior to the inspector's arrival. He then suggested getting the water filtered. I have not noticed a smell in the cold water, but the test shows fairly high levels of sulfate in the water. Elsewhere I read that some water heaters can cause the smell. What is the best way to address the rotten egg smell given the situation and fact that I will be adding a softener as soon as possible?

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Smell in the hot water may be a reaction between the water and the material that the anode in the WH is made of or there may be a bacterial colonization in the WH.

Run the temp on the WH up to 140 for a few hours and see if that effects the smell.

You might try sanitizing the water heater and see if that solves the smell problem.

As to water treatment... get a comprehensive water test done at your home and then you'll know what needs to be treated.

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Thanks. I have been reading your comments here over the years and will get the tests done before asking about softening. Since I am so remote, can I take a glass jar of water to the water softer sales people and let them test it?

I'm looking up how to sanitize a water heater. Thanks for that suggestion.

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You really need to find an independent lab rather than the quickie tests the softener sellers will do. If you are that remote people with wells are getting their well water tested somewhere.

First, run the temp on the WH up to 140 for a few hours and see if that effects the smell.

Google is your friend... click here

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