getting a new tank gas water heater

e_f_gSeptember 29, 2012

I've been researching these things and have generally gotten the impression that the Sears types (Kenmore, WHirlpool) are not good. The one we have now, Ruud, has lasted us well and we have been happy with it-- has lasted over 12 years. SHould I go with the same brand, or is there one that is now considered more reliable?

We had this water heater while we had two teens, and they are out of the nest now. Our house is a 4 BR, 2.5 bath home, and the water is softened.

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Ruud invented water heaters in the late 1800's and although they have diversified into other products; water heaters still remains their principal product. You don't stay in business that long on one product unless you make sure that product is top of the line.

My chilces would be, in order:
1. Ruud
2. A.O. Smith
3. State
4. all that other junk if they just want a cheap generic

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I couldn't agree more with LazyPup on this topic. Rheem/Rudd (Same company) makes the BEST water heaters money can buy. I have just installed 2 of them in my families homes in the last 6-8 months. My grandparents had a Rheem electric that was 19 years old when I pulled it out 6 months ago to put a new one in & it was still working great (Softened water). I installed a gas model in my mothers home about 4 months ago & it's been flawless since we turned the igniter on after sweating the copper-up. I'm trying to link the spec sheet from rheem but their site is having some issues at the moment.

Here's the specs for the 2 models you should look at with your hot water needs:

40Gal. 22VR40 = 73 Gals in first hour.
50Gal. 22VR50 = 91 Gals in first hour.

Also their service/warranty is Superior, 2nd to none! You will need to buy the water heater from a Plumbing supply in your area. Rheem doesn't deal with Home Cheapo. Where are you located?

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I have a plumber I am working with here in Lafayette, IN
. He usually uses AOSmith, but said he could order and install whatever I wished to have. He thinks AOSmith is as good as the Rheem?Ruud, and he can get the six-year warranty and tack on another four years on that.

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When your comparing Rheem, Rudd & A.O.Smith its like comparing Cadilac, Lincoln & Lexus..if just don't get no better and regardless of which you get, you get a top line machine

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My experiences with gas water heaters are limited. But I recently decided that Bradford-White is a good choice. I installed one at one of my properties and it uses about half the gas for operating the pilot compared to the one it replaced.

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Buy a Rheem you will not regret it. Your last post reminded me about the extended warranty thing. I put these in both Rheem water heaters that i replaced. It gives you 10 years & they work. Spend the little extra I put one in your new tank. Have your plumber use an impact to get the factory one out, they are tough to break loose with a rachet.

Anode Rod Upgrade:

I'm guessing your on natural gas there in Indiana?

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Any thoughts on the quality of GE? HD has a GE model with a 12 yr warranty, yet none of the professional name brands seem to warranty that long any more. What the difference?

On a separate note, we have a Rheem (50 gallon, gas) installed way back in 1985. We go back and forth on whether to replace it since it is supposedly living on borrowed time. Thus far it seems to operate flawlessly. I should add that it has never been drained, nor has it ever had the anode replaced. I'm inclined to let it go until it fails or starts to drip. The basement is partially finished, but there is a floor drain (20 feet down the hall) for water to go just in case. Any advice? Thanks.

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