Revised kitchen layout

kam76March 22, 2013

Hi all- you were so helpful with my first stab, here it is with your suggestions for improvement. 2 squares= 1 foot. I am concerned about the upper cabinets feeling to heavy or uneven around the range. I am considering glass uppers or nixing some (all?) of them and doing shelves. I do have a 6 foot long pot rack that will go along the peninsula.

For some of the components to give you an idea this is my antique butcher block

it will be against the island like this inspiration picture:

I scored this 19" round under mount apron front prep sink on craigslist:

I like this kitchen with the soapstone perimeter and marble island:

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I really like your plan and the butcher block is going to look wonderful and be very functional.

The soapstone and marble is a nice combination. Good choice with your prep sink, too. Are you planning to use wood floors?

You seem to like the glass uppers, so why not have some by the range, to lighten things up a bit? Seems like a very good idea to me and your dishes and display will add some of your personality to the space.

Have you considered having the pot rack over the island, rather than the peninsula? The pot rack might be more functional there and won't block your light from all those lovely windows :)

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We are going to do a reclaimed wood floor yes so lots of variation in color and wider planks.
I have thought about the pot rack it over the Island....and might do that.. but I was hoping to have some really cool pendant lights and wasn't sure how that would work/compete with the rack. I have it in my house now (and have for the past 12 years) and cannot imagine to going back to life w/o it. Love it but don't want it to compete too much. I am open to a different style of pot rack if I have to (though this was a 1st anniversary present from DH so am reluctant to part with it). So you don't think the window by the pennisula is pointless? I really wanted a window "in" the kitchen, the other wall space unfortunately would have you looking out at a wall.

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I like the window! Having natural light IN the kitchen is something I would want, too.

It seems like you are mixing traditional elements with some modern ones. That's a really great look and I think it will be wonderful in your kitchen. Have you thought about a plate rack or other more 'vintage' piece to add into the mix?

Do you have a picture of your pot rack? If it's not too low, it might be nice to hang over the island, where you can reach up and grab a pot without blocking your light...and it will give you a bit of division between the two rooms.

That being said, since you've used your pot rack for some time, I'm sure you'll know the best place to have it in your new kitchen :)

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I think your isles are a little on the narrow side at 3 ft. I think 42 " at least where multiple people would be is needed, such as sink side and prep to cooking if more than one person will be doing stuff.

Also I would make the walkway from mudroom through kitchen wider so people don't collide when walking there. I would if it was my home prefer closer to 4 ft there.

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