Need videos of dog behavior

Elly_NJNovember 30, 2009


I am teaching a class to children on dog safety. I need good video clips of

1. Alert barking dogs

2. Angry barking/snarling dogs

3. Dog guarding a toy

4. Dog frightened

5. Dog showing teeth

I have a friendly sweet dog, so I can get all the videos I need on that!

Not sure the best way to download them, but finding them from people like you is a start.


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I can't help you either. Now if you needed pics of a dog drooling, sleeping, eating or playing I could help you out.

You can also just try searching you tube...people post everything.

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I think you should just type what you want into the search engine, it is a quick way to locate what you want, checking YouTube is a great idea. Good luck. PS - I can help with a snoring dog

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Maybe some police videos of K9 dogs training and working.
Make sure you teach the children not to run up on a strange dog, I notice when I walk my dog that children come running up to pet her with flailing arms and even though she is a gentle dog this behaviour frightens the dog.They also must learn to let a dog smell them first and do not reach over the dogs face to pet her, remember smell is the first thing.

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Mazer, I have a snoring dog too : )

Michael, thanks for the reminders.

I can't just take videos off the internet and use them, I need permission.

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