Smelly dogs

debbiep_gwNovember 6, 2010

I was wondering how everyone freshens their dogs without giving them a bath.The bassets if they spend much time outside they have a fishy odor when they come back inside.Their normal odor to me is that of corn chips.I prefer the clean shampoo odor but I'm trying not to wash them as often as its a chore.They get wiped down with a warm cloth and water on the worse smelly days.Today I tried the baby wipes.I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips to keep them smelling better.Annabelle(lab) on the other hand doesn't have the same odor as them.She hardly ever smells bad and she spends alot of time outdoors.So how do you keep your dogs from smelling bad?TIA.

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From the bassetts I've known.......the aroma is par for the course and there isn't that much you can do you are not already doing. Unless they've been into something gross I'd also agree not to bathe them too much or you'll set off some dry skin problems. You can buy doggie perfumes from grooming salons, but if it smells strong to a human nose, can you even imagine the overpowering smell it must present to a hound?

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They make what is called a rinseless shampoo. Basically spritz it on, massage in with fingers, then towel off. Show-off is a brand sold by Chris Christensen. I use his Spectrum and White-on-white shampoos and also have his brushes. I like his shampoos because they have no perfume smell when dry. His brushes are just so well made, though they are spendy. However, unless you go to a dog show you would have to order. So check out your local pet store and see if they sell a rinseless shampoo if you don't want to order. I have no link to the CC products, just a satisfied customer. My dog has a very pretty coat who always gets lots of compliments.

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Here is a picture just taken showing you her coat.

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Thats a very pretty dog.The bassets coats are fine,they are just smelly hounds.Its their normal odor as they don't roll to much and if they do they get cleaned well.I will check out rinseless shampoo though.Thanks!

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i second the rinseless (waterless) shampoo! i get it at pet supplies plus and it's great for freshening in between real baths. it won't dry out the skin so that's a big plus.

housefairy, your dog is gorgeous!!

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Ok I have to admit to watching QVC shopping channel but... I've seen a line on there of wipes for pets. Like Wet Ones for pets. One for hair and paws and even one for teeth. I can't think of the brand. Paul Mitchell has a line for pets too.

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Natures Miracle has wipes for dogs. They help for a day or 2 then its time to wipe again or bathe.

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Debbiep, I have always owned hound mixes. I find that keeping the dog bed stuffed with cedar chips instead of a pillow helps. I change the chips every three months or so.

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