shout out to Ginny20

sprtphntcMarch 6, 2013

hi ginny,

where did you get those adorable salt cellars???

the aardvark and wombat, just love them!!!!

TIA :)

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Thanks! I got mine at the gift shop at the Memorial Art Gallery, in Rochester, NY. But they're by Carolyn Dilcher Stutz, and she has a web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceramics by Carolyn Stutz

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ginny, thanks for the link and info,
but alas, those salt cellars are not being
offered for sale.

your a lucky duck to have gotten them!!!

i will keep checking her site and contact her in the hopes that she has them or will make more if she knows people are interested

thanks again :)

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Hmm. Do you think I could pass off that lily pad vase with the frog as sorta '20s?

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sprtphntc - You're right, they are pricey. I blanched when I turned them over in the shop. But I had a member discount at the Memorial Art Gallery, and I told my husband to consider them my Christmas gift. "Hi, Honey, guess what you're getting me for Christmas!" Plus, my DD who does not yet know the value of a dollar - since she still spends mostly my dollars - was standing there, egging me on. "Oh, get them, Mom! You deserve it!" And of course, I do.

marcolo - Actually, those frog vases could be 20's. They look like Weller pottery I've seen. Do you still come here for holidays? You should check out the art gallery store, although you never know exactly what they'll have there.

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yeah, i was pretty surprised too. ;(
i'm glad you "talked" DH into them for your Christmas gift :)
i hear u about your DD, i have 2, they love spending my money...haha....
i am sure u deserve them !!!!
Enjoy them, they are so adorable!!!

thanks for responses :)

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