Wall mounted instant hot water

Gigi_4321September 7, 2011

I am looking for a wall mounted instant hot water faucet and can't seem to find one anywhere. Is it possible to run an insinkerator instant hot through a regular wall mount fixture?

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You won't find a wall mount. And, no, you would not want to jury rig a wall mount install of a boiling water temperature dispenser.

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After calling around I am finally getting some answers about hot water dispensers. Waste King can only be used with an open vent faucet while Insinkerator can only be used with a closed vent faucet. I am assuming that those are the only two options for faucets. So, why can I not use a wall mounted open vent faucet with an insinkerator tank? And, am I the only person to want a wall mounted instant hot faucet?

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you learn fast. Or, you know a lot already.

Define open vent faucet.

I can see myself buying the teflon tubing (the kind of an open vent IHW faucet) and running it up to a shelf-back shelf-mount or wall-mount spout. Why not you? Have you looked at these faucets? In many stores you can get Anaheim's Quick&Hot IHW tank and faucet. Web search this.

Post again when you have more to ask about.

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The engagement mechanism on these faucets has child safety features that are designed to be deck mounted only. You cannot use a regular faucet as a dispenser because they lack safety features designed to prevent scalding. You are dealing with 190 degree plus temperature water. This isn't the time to put on your "hacker" hat.

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also good to know is that a regular faucet has a "cartridge" inside that is not designed to take scalding hot water running through it. An IHW faucet works around the cartridge problem by pushing water into the tank, (instead of pulling it through the cartridge on its way to the spout), which pushes scalding hot water out of the tank (through the teflon tube).

I don't believe the "child safety features" live wire oak refers to are necessarily required on all faucets (because there ARE IHW faucets sold without these features), and I don't believe that these features can only work when the faucet's base is deck mounted.

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Anaheim does not make any wall mount faucets, exactly what is your suggestion regarding teflon tubing and such? I am not trying to DYI, and if possible may end up having a faucet built for me. I just want to know if there is a reason that no one sells a wall mount IHW faucet. I've contacted Anaheim, Insinkerator and another brand, no one could give me any reason, just that they don't sell them.

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I don't know the history of IHW on walls. There may have once been problems.

First, about wallmounted regular faucets. Old-style wallmounts are available from Chicago Faucets and others. Nothing modern looking. Almost nothing with a single-handle mixer valve. Wallmounts in general are out of favor in the US and Canada. I see them in Australian web sites. And in web sites in foreign languages. Millions of thermostatic valves are installed in showers, in the wall, but not much is available in kitchen faucets. There are more bathroom faucets available as wallmounts. I suspect (I have no proof) that manufacturers tired of the panic support phone calls they used to get from people trying to install wallmounts. They require more fussing and finetuning. Then, there is the risk when the faucet has a moveable spout, as in kitchen faucets. It pivots left and right. Some people will yank it around roughly and ultimately someone will sue because his installation leaked behind the wall and he got sick from invisible mold, and it's the fault of the faucet not his misuse of the faucet. At the very least you can be sure that there will be a lot more hassle phone calls coming in over the years.

Now, with an IHW you have a heat resistant tube that needs to be shielded and it's just so much easier if this is deckmounted and the tube goes from the tank to the spout through an approved installation hole in the counter. With wall-mount you have no way to know whether or not each specific install is done right or not. And you have to show to approval-granting certification companies that you have an approved way of installing it and that this is not prone to jerryrigging. (Impossible.) Bracing wallmounts inside studs is another never-ending topic. Why take on all this responsibility, support and hassle? Who needs the hassle? Wallmounts are going to cause problems (worries) that go on forever. You get the picture. Just sell deckmount faucets like everyone else.

i get the impression that you don't know yet about the flexible heat-resistant tubing inside the IHW spout. This tubing is available for purchase. Hint hint.

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Also hard to find (or impossible to find) are wallmount spouts for filtered water. Their flow is about half the flow of a regular faucet so they need a smaller spout. I suggested to someone a few months ago to build his own spout (out of any tube) and to use a Tapmasters as the on-off.

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There are two basic kinds of instant hot water faucets: ones that work with Insinkerator tanks and those that work with other tanks. You have to have the right one for your tank. The basic feature of hot dispensers that is different from normal faucets is that they protect against an explosion if the tank gets too hot. Most of the compatible faucets are vented in the hot water line for this purpose, though not the Insinkerator faucets for some reason. As was said earlier, these faucets push cold water into the heater tank driving hot water out, because the tank is never pressurized.

As was also mentioned, these faucets have small delivery pipes because they are intended for low flow rate applications. Regular faucets simply won't work, and they lack the flow paths necessary for this type of operation.

None of the correct faucets are available in a geometry that is designed for horizontal installation, as would be needed in a wall. However, there is no reason that I know that you could not obtain a goose necked faucet and cut the tip of the faucet off so that the opening is parallel with the ground. This could then be installed in a wall and connected to the cold water lines and heater tank per instructions for a deck installation. Unless you refinish the tip of the dispenser and do something to hide all the tubing, it's likely to look pretty awful, but it will work. Or, at least it should.

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