3 handle shower faucet replacement - central

pbishopSeptember 1, 2010

I want to change a 3 handle shower/tub setup but I don;t want to have to solder in a whole new set up. I just want to change the handle and spout.

The one on there is labled "central" which is something I've never heard of. I went to Lowes and they have kits but they are specific to each faucet company such as Price-fister or Moen.

Can anyone shed any light on whether I could use a general kit or if "central" is a company no longer around.

Are these handle kits that specific ?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sounds vaguely familiar and something that came from a real local plumbing supply. You are more likely to find replacement parts there (even if you can't seem to find them online).

You could try this: take off one of the handles, then take it to the store and try matching up the depth and size of the connection. It might be fairly standard (whereas changing stems is definitely not the case).

Same for the spout. Figure out how to remove it (It will either unscrew, or there will be a hole and a set screw underneath near the wall, and then it slips off.)

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Take a look, and maybe even give them a call:


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