Blackout blinds for french doors

skrulApril 11, 2013

Hey all --

We recently had some cellular blackout blinds installed to darken our bedroom. These work great in the windows, but the installer hung similar blinds on the french doors -- and here they are less effective:

Too much light leaks through the sides. The problem is that there is too much distance between the blind and the door. As you extend the blinds they stretch out and get thinner, moving farther and farther away from the door.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to block the light coming through these doors? The installer suggested something like this:

...but I don't think this will be very attractive. I like the pull down blinds since when they are open they just sit near the top of the windows and you hardly notice them.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Thanks for the reply. The picture I linked in my original post is a post-install picture -- this is what we have now but we need to change it. And you are right, it takes a little finagling to get the base of the blind around the handles when pulling them up and down.

We are trying to avoid changing the curtains since we really like them :) But it is still an option.

I had also considered roller shades since it seems like they have the best chance of getting very close to the doors. Are there any types of roller shades that do a better job at this than others?

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Mine are by Comfortex, the cheaper division of Hunter Douglas. The shade is 1 inch from the door as it comes off the roller at the top. IMO, this isn't much of an improvement over what you have. When I was shopping for them, I researched the standoff of several shades, and these hugged the wall the closest.

It wouldn't cost that much to have a seamstress sew blackout lining onto your drapes.

Here is a quick shot of my roller shades. My ceiling fan is moving them in and out, but you get the idea.

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Thanks for posting that photo, and you are right, this is not much of an improvement. Maybe I can get some light blocking film for the windows to cut down on the amount of light that comes through...

Too bad there does not seem to be a good solution to this!

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No matter what you put on the doors themselves, there will be some light leaking around the edges.

Can't you just close the curtains that are there now? Looking at your picture, you can see that the edge of the curtain is blocking the light where it overlaps the shade.

If the existing curtain/shade combo doesn't block enough of the light, they sell blackout liners, or you could have someone add a blackout liner to your panels.

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