care to help save horses from slaughter?

suz1023November 7, 2009

i just found out about the immense number of horses going to canada and mexico to be slaughtered for the european market.

i mean, i knew it happened, but had no idea so many family pets and school horses were making this trip weekly.

i don't mind that people eat them, my objection is to the horrific transport situation and the inhumane method used to kill them. but this isn't meant to be a discussion about stopping slaughter, more of a way to spread the word about the many lovely animlas who could be saved from this fate.

yesterday i learned a lot and as a result spent about ten hours working on fund raising to save just one pony.

if anyone here wants to help, or knows of someone who wants to, they can contact a rescue to donate a few dollars. it all adds up, of course, and would be greatly appreciated.

i can help with names of rescues on the east coast, they are everywhere and desperate for help. even a bale of hay, which costs maybe five dollars, would help.


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In this economy people are having to sell, or give up their horses in record numbers, It is a sad sad situation, but many dogs, cats and other once beloved pets are going through abandonment issues. One realtor in our area donates $100. from the closing costs of each home to donate to local animal shelters.
It is an outrage that people are so willling to see theri pets as desposable, but it is happening everywhere. If they are not outright abandoned at their home,s they are dropped off at a local park or someones doorstep. Feral cats are now in record numbers - dessimating local ground bird populations.....I could go on

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