Timer to Limit Time Shower Water can be on ? auto-shutoff ?

angela12345September 2, 2010

We are building a new home that will be used for weekly rentals in the summer and will sleep about 24 people. I called the water company to get an idea of what our water usage will be and they said summer bills range from $400 on the low side up to $1000 on the high side for 2 months water & sewer during peak season. Yikes !! This is charged at $7.63 per 1000 gallons and covers water & sewer ($3.63 water/$4.00 sewer).

I asked her for some suggestions on how to lower the costs ... she recommended having irrigation on separate meter on which they only charge for water (not sewer). She also recommended having the outside shower on what she called a "button timer" which turns the water off after a certain time so it won't be left on accidentally. Has anyone ever had anything like this ? What are your thoughts ? Do you know what it is called and where to get it ?

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You might also consider a hand shower that requires a button to be depressed for water to flow, or a spring-loaded valve at the shower head that requires a chain or cord to be pulled.

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The link below shows mechanical shower timers... you press the button and the water flows for 30 seconds. They are hated in campgrounds and schools everywhere .

I'm not endorsing that brand, just an example.

With water that expensive, too bad you don't have a gray water system that captures the water from the showers for use in irrigation (check your local codes first!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower timers

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