gonna test that dog for Mensa membership

sylviatexas1November 14, 2013

Mensa, of course, is the club for smart people;
you have to be in, if I remember correctly, the top 2% of IQ scores.

Every morning I let Bella, a big 10-month-old yellow Lab mix, outside & mix a can of canned food into the cat's dry food breakfast.

Bella *has* to be outside while he eats.

I mix the food up in an old Tupperware measuring bowl,
& then I put the empty can into the re-cycle bin.

When Magic finishes, I let Bella back in to 'lick the bowl'.

Today the neighbor's dog came in with her.

In the interests of peace & harmony, I set the bowl down for Bella & gave the empty can to Skippy.

I could tell by the calculating look in her eye that Bella was up to something, but I didn't worry about it;
after all, she doesn't have any thumbs, so she can't *possibly* control both the can & the bowl.

went to do something-or-other, & when I returned, Bella had taken the can away from Skippy......

& put it inside the bowl.

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Cute :>)

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Pretty smart!

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What a clever doggy!

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Thanks for making me laugh this morning, what a great story. It's clear he was giving you a message!

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We have a brilliant dog as well - an American Eskimo - with paws like a raccoon. If he had thumbs we would be toast - as it is he is pretty darned handy. Many people who adopt Eskie pups have to put child-proof locks on everything. Once we had a dog who was very loving but not the brightest - have to say, there is something to be said about a very affectionate but not so smart dog (ruled by a brilliant cat). I understand your situation exactly.

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eccentric, I once knew a woman whose Burmese mix cat not only figured how to open the windows-
he taught the other cats to open 'em, too!

She installed child-proof locks.

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