cat butt scooting

lisa11310November 15, 2009

I know this can be a sign of worms in dogs but I have never seen a cat do this. What other than worms may cause this behavior? She is an indor only rescued stray who has been here over a year. None of our cats go out. I don't think there would be any way for her to get worms. This is new behavior. Could it be a result of hairballs?

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My cat does it occasionally. I know it has something to do with the anal glands.

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In deed it is a sign your cats anal glands could be impacted - time for a trip to the vet to have them reduced. Note if you let this go, and your can can not reduce the gland with butt scooting, the gland could rupture, this happened with my friends dog. Not fun - painful for the animal.
If your cat has worms, usually tape worms can be seen by the naked eye, they look like small pieces of rice. Tape worms means you need better flea control.Hope everything turns out okay Good luck

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One of my cats does that, left a bit of a trail of poop once. I asked the vet when I brought her in shortly after I saw her do this for her shots. She checked her and nothing wrong. Just has a itchy but I guess.

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Thanks guys. The only thing that has changed is her litter "worls greatest" the corn stuff (really good stuff but not all my cats will use it). The cats dont have fleas. Since this is new behavior I will assume she could be developing an anal gland problem. HHHUUMM I did change foods to a "urinary tract" formula as I have a big orange male tabby that is 5 and I know they are prone to uti's and crystals. Wondering if this may be drying her fecies out a bit causing itching. I just found a new vet that does house calls in my area. Sounds like a great time to give her a try.

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