Toilet Installation--Wax seal or flange extension

worthySeptember 12, 2010

After smashing a section of the downstairs ceiling, I found the leak was from the toilet above, installed in a remodel 16 years ago. The sponge seal was extremely deteriorated. The closet flange is up to 1/4" below the tile. Will a wax seal do or should I use a pricer closet flange extension? I'm demolishing the whole house within the year. And I'm cheap!

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I prefer to use Fluidmaster's wax free toilet gasket:

Or a similar type made by Fernco:

I gave up using wax rings years ago once these became available.

And if you're cheap like I am, consider the fact they are re-usable...:)

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I like those. But I'm still not sure they will work, as the closet flange itself is below the tiled floor. I tried a rubber gasket, but it's not thick enough. And the reno kit left the w.c. wobbling 3/4" above the floor. In the end--just finished--I used one of the reno kit rubber spacers and the rubber gasket. Voila!

Now, to patch the ceiling I didn't have to break in the first place. :(

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