Need to replace crumbling pool decking--suggestions???

loves2readJanuary 19, 2013

We bought second home in FL in May with a lanai and smaller in ground pool.
The previous owners--not sure which ones--apparently put down a bad version of stamped concrete on top of whatever decking material was there...
This surface showed evidence of cracking/crumbling and was mentioned in the inspection report so we knew there were problems when we bought.
In areas where the cracking is heavy, the coating looks very thin (less than an inch) and seems like it would be pretty easy to just get a floor scraper and push up most of the surface w/o much trouble...but we haven't tried it...
some areas are not showing any cracking/crumbling...

Pool itself is in good shape--no cracking tiles and doesn't require resurface but when we get the decking redone we will be adding an L shape fence as child security feature...

Looking for ideas on what is good material to use in Gulf Coast FL area
House is south of Sarasota...

We would like something that would not capture heat although the pool area does get shade in hottest part of the day...something that would be comfortable/safe to walk without slipping when wet and fairly reasonable in cost..since we aren't living there full time and won't be using it every day in swimming weather...

We have never owned home with pool before so don't have personal experience in this area...

Don't have contractor either so if you have suggestions for 34275 zip that would be helpful as well...

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I would take a look at pavers over the concrete.....

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What good to put pavers that need a level, stable base over a bad foundation?
Better to use sections of wooden decking than pavers if we just wanted to cover it up--and they have put down some sort of asphalt/composite squares on one side to cover the stamped concrete...
But the concrete by pool crumbles and will get into the pool when there is heavy rain or wind...

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Other than cutting up the concrete I was just suggesting a more Economical way of repairing your problem...Without seeing it its gonna be very hard to make suggestions. It would have to be in very bad shape to not be able to install pavers over it....

Here is a link that might be useful: Paver install

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This photos show lanai w/stamped concrete and the composite decking...can't find photo showing the crumbling areas...
But some areas are very thin--less than 1/2 inch---and cracks when we walk on it at times...
Some areas thicker and not cracking...but texture is very grainy and gritty

The photo w the cat is mistake---my daughter's cat and pool

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool deck in MLS photo

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Its asking for a Yahoo ID can you upload to Photo Bucket and post a link?

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Can't get photobucket to work for me

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The contractor who looked at pool/lanai deck today said that pavers were best long term solution--
said that taking the current surface off wasn't really necessary
that they would lay a sand base and could level that to give even patio surface even if current surface is not level...
Said that if you took it off you didn't know condition of the original surface under it

Price including labor, new coping, taking out the bottom aluminum strip of screen cage to lay pavers and then replacing it and screen, and all pavers was just over 6K--
Also said pool itself looked in good shape--didn't really need resurfacing (which it doesn't) so didn't push for that...
which was positive indicator to me that maybe he isn't out to gouge us...

He has good recommendations on Angie's List and I can ask for other recommendations if we want them

Also have couple of other people going to look at the patio

Any suggestions for what type of pavers work best for pool decking...
Most of the pavers I have seen for patios have been pretty rough and don't think they would be very comfortable for walking on in bare feet...but know we don't want something slick and dangerous...
can they be treated with something to "cool" them down so they don't retain heat?

These are questions I will email back to the contractor--
didn't think he would call back so quickly with his price so wasn't quite prepared...

anyone have umbrella holes in a paver deck?
are they worth the extra cost?
there is no spa in this pool--and no sun/tanning ledge--so don't know if they would be that useful...

appreciate info and if there are good pool designs posted here using pavers would appreciate knowing about them so can get some pictures...

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in deciding on contractor to add new patio surface what would be some qood questions to ask to know if he will do quality job...I thought I asked pertinent ones today talking to the first guy--then read some posts about pavers and stuff...

How deep can the sand bed be if it has to work with area that has existing door openings--3 sets of patio sliders and a wood door open to the lanai area...He said there was enough room to lay the bed and the pavers w/o having problems with them...but how deep is necessary to ensure stability if there is already a hard surface underneath

There is already a French drain running length of the lanai--about where the patio roof stops...will adding pavers and sand base require more drains?
Will sealing the pavers make difference as to amount of water that is trapped beneath in sand when there is heavy rains or will it encourage runoff?
Should we use the polymer sand or a loose sand between the pavers?

Is it worth upgrading to travertine to get a cooler surface?
We haven't spent much time there in summer but the current surface does get hot...even though area is shaded somewhat in afternoon

What kind of guarantee does a quality paver have?
What brands would you recommend for Gulf Coast of FL--hot, humid, but few freezes...

Anything else we should know to ask, just tell me...

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I'd love to hear if you went with the pavers and how it turned out!

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