My cat won't eat.. Please help =(

SuzieeQNovember 15, 2012

My 10 year old cat won't eat. His appetite started decreasing this past month but he's stopped completely eating for two days. He has lost 6 lbs in two months (He went from 22 lbs to 16 lbs). He has been continously going to the vet for the past 3 months but the vet can not figure out what is wrong with him. His blood work came out excellent. Both vets(had his blood work done at 2 different hospitals) were amazed that his blood work came out so great. No hyperthroid, no diabetes, and kidney is good. I also got xrays done. The vet did see that his colon is blocked with some hard stool. He gave me some laxatives that I give him twice a day. He also said my cat's gums are pale. He does drink alot of water but he refuses to eat. How do I get him to eat? I am really really worried about him.

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blood work is fine but gums are pale...
that doesn't sound right.

Sometimes cats lose weight when they get hyperthyroid disease.

I wish you the best.

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When bloodwork is all good, no kidney, thyroid, or diabetes, then Cancer comes to mind.

Maybe your kitty has an intestinal blockage? He didn't eat any string did he?
Did your vets suggest an ultrasound? Regular Xrays are not the best tool for diagnosis. Some things that may be lodged in the intestines do not show up on xrays. Only ultrasound or exploratory surgery can give you a better answer.
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to scare you, but that's what I would do.

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Was your kitty checked for ALL possible parasites?

Is he having an allergic reaction to vaccines?

I knew someone with a cat who had been having a vaccine reaction for months. Similar symptoms to your kitty. The owners were going to euth him. A new vet recognized that it was a slow vaccine reaction, gave the kitty some steriod shots and he was better.

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I agree with dabunch.......ultrasound is what I'd do since that blocked area may be more than stool. Also make sure they've checked his teeth thoroughly.

If he's not eating or drinking you need to have the vet give him some fluids until you figure out what's going on.

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Was your cat checked for anemia? Pale gums are a sign. What about his teeth in general? If he is having teeth problems he may not eat either. I agree with the others that I would insist on an ultrasound to check that blocked intestine. Although you need to figure out why he isn't eating, you may want to ask your vet about an appetite stimulant. I have been using one on my 19 year old cat for quite a while now to be sure she maintains her weight as she was always a light eater. Good luck!

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I might think about seeking the opinion of another Vet. Also, have you tried changing food?

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My cat, Broccoli did not make it. =( He passed away the next day on November 16. I went home during lunch break from work on Friday to check up on him and he seemed worse, so I decided I would take him to be hospitalized after I got off work. But I received a call around 1pm from my sister saying that my cat was making weird crying noises and then another call 10 minutes later that he was not moving or breathing. I left work right after the call and took him to the vet. They tried to resuscitate him with CPR and electric shocks but it was too late.

Dabunch, what you suggested is my guess. He liked to chew everything. About two months ago, I discovered all my cell phone charger wires and some other wires chewed completely. Also I caught him a couple times trying to eat plastic which I would take out of his mouth when I did catch him.

I am so devasted. I had him since he was 2 months old and this is my first time experiencing a loss of a pet. I cry all the time and I feel so bad that Broccoli was in so much pain the last few days of his life. I have another cat who I am monitoring closely to make sure he is not grieving to the point that he does not eat (read that some cats do this) as they grew up together for the entire 10 years.

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I'm so, so sorry (((hugs))).
I felt that your post was important.
Many vets, just like owners tend to have tunnel vision.
I know that sharing different experiences sometimes help.

I've been there. I diagnosed my own dog before we started any tests on her. After all tests and missed diagnosis(bad ultrasound reading), the exploratory surgery confirmed MY suspicion. She had liver cancer...

Take care of the one you have left. Give him extra attention.

My only solace is that I believe that we will be with our babies on the other side.

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So, so sorry to hear about your loss. Those of us who have given our heart to a furry friend know how much you are hurting. It takes quite a while to get over it, but the time does come when we can enjoy the memories with a smile.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels.

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