How to achieve faint tint to white/eggshell paint

seeker12April 29, 2012

From reading this helpful forum, I realize there's a whole art and science to choosing paint, and I'm a rank amateur who needs help!

What I'd like to achieve is off-white walls that have a faint peach tint in incandescent lamplight and early evening sunlight--and any other time it's possible. Nothing too obvious, but with a hint of peach to give a touch of warmth. This is for a living room, dining area and kitchen that flow together.

What should I know and does anyone have suggestions on brands, colors and mixture ratios? I'm willing to paint samples on foam core, as someone helpfully suggested on a post here, and place around the room to see how it looks.

Love this forum and the generosity of advice and support. Thanks in advance.

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Most paint brands have a whole selection of 'whites' - all with varying tints in them. Start there, but don't be surprised if you end up with something different than what you expected in order to achieve the look you want. The furnishings, floor color, the direction from which the natural light enters the space, all affect the appearance of the walls.

Have fun, and good luck!

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Sophie Wheeler

Start with the white base. Add red oxide and yellow oxide, 1/64th of an ounce of each. That's the smallest most tint machines can dispense. You can add more, but that's where to start if you want the faintest peach tint possible.

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I was just experimenting with some pale tints. I think that Benjamin Moore white blush may have that peachy tone you want, though it's much more tinted than white. I'd ask the paint store to mix a couple of custom samples -- 50-50% white/white blush mixture and 75-25% white/white blush and see how they look. (Or use whatever other pale color catches your eye.)

I noticed that Behr paints, available at Home Depot, also has a nice range of pale colors. I think they will also custom mix samples.

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