How do you remove stains on concrete pool?

skeeter_caJanuary 28, 2012

I finally am getting my pool back up and running. It has not been running for about two months. The water is all a mucky brown with lots of debris and leaves in it. I'm draining it and am finding alot of stains on the concrete that looks like from the leaves biodegrading in the water. What can i use to get the stains off? Hopefully not something too expensive or dangerous.


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Dead leaves leave brown, tanic acid stains. Normal levels chlorine will clear them over time. Might take a month or two, especially with cooler water, but they will fade.

Draining is not recommended. Scoop out the debris with a leaf net. Don't try scooping with the skimming net. It'll break. Then bring the free chlorine level to about the level of the stabilizer and keep it there for a couple days. Any sediments should be vacuumed to waste.


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It is not uncommon to need to drain and acid wash the entire pool. This is a common service requirement for concrete pools. There is however risk in draining a concrete pool so if you are not familiar with how, and when, to do this safety then contact a local concrete pool expert who can assist you with this.

When acid washing the pool you do not wat to use too strong of an acid or it will pull the cement from the plaster leaving the surface layer rough.

Hope this info is helpful.


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Plenty of shock has always worked for me. Stains have always gone away w/in 24 hours. No draining, no acid washing.

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Acid us used to rid heavier deposits of calcium scale and metal stains.

Chlorine gets rid of organic stains.

Shocking is a process, not a product. It is used to kill an organic contaminant such a algae or other bio-badie or combined chlorine.

These are two distinctly different processes, using chlorine or acid to rid a surface stain.


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