Help with filtration for chlorine, bacteria and parasites

CT_NewbieSeptember 12, 2013

Hi! We spoke to a professional water company by phone. They had a copy of our water report and we get city water from a reservoir. They suggested a $600 unit with cartridges that cost $120 (last every 6-9) months. One unit can be split to serve our ice maker and one faucet (with a separate faucet for the filtered water.) They said it was made by 3M and filters our chlorine, bacteria and parasites (the latter two because of reservoir). Our basement is currently unfinished which I think makes it easier to split the hose.

Do you think the icemaker will dramatically increase the frequency with which we need to buy a new filter because it continuously melts and remakes ice? If so, how long do you think the filter will last. We are a family of 4 but the 3 year olds drink mostly milk and DH works.

Is there anything else less expensive that would do the same thing? Special preference to GE as we get a discount.

Does filtering out the bacteria and parasites cause a backlash in one's health, sort of like the antibacterial soap?

Thank you!

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You have not posted any substantive information detailing your water conditions or the model number of the 3M filter that was recommended for treatment of the water conditions you haven't specified.

We can not speak intelligently regarding water treatment without the results of a water test by a certified lab. A water treatment company that pretends to should not present itself as professional.

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