Jacuzzi bath tub

johndonnaJanuary 16, 2012

I had the strangest thing happen last nite to my 2 granddaughters. They were playing in the tub (they are 6 and 7)like they have done for a long time now. Suddenly they both started screaming at the top of there lungs. I ran into the bathroom to see what happened, and both girls bodies were stuck to the inlet portion of the hot tub. After I shut it off, I noticed that both girls had a lot of bruising. My one granddaughter had the most bruising, but they both had a lot. We have never had any problems with this tub, all three of my grandchildren have been in it many times before this. Has anyone heard of this, or had this happen to them. I am very worried about this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. That is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me and my family. I have pictures of the bruising, and pictures of the tub itself if any one wants to see them. Just email me.

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This could happen to an adult too. I would disable that bathtub's jet pump permanently. I doubt there are non blockable drain covers that can be retrofitted, but I could be wrong. Consider replacing the tub with either a conventional or more modern design tub.

This is called suction entrapment and the current codes and laws in place have forced manufacturer to male design changes that greatly reduce the chance of this occurring.

The VGB Act is what you want to Google.

Jetted tubs are not good for anyone unless meticulous care is taken sanitizing it after each time the tub is filled. The plumbing can hold stagnant water. Bath water in the pipes can become a breeding ground for water. born bacteria.

NEVER leave little kids in a body of water unsupervised. Shame on you. What were you thinking! Drowning is the silent killer. Thank God they only had hickies.


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Save it with the "Shame on you"... The kids are 6 and 7 in a tub. The only way I can think of they could drown is if they both got knocked unconscious somehow. I'm sure she feels bad enough as it is.

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Sounds like you have two suction outlets. It's a little freakish that each child would find a way to block each outlet. Suggest you contact manufacturer for possible upgrade for the outlets or go to a local distributor for help. Check to see if if there is a Ferguson distributor near you. They are a large distributor of plumbing products and may be able to help. Good luck.

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No bosox, I will repeat it in fact. Shame on her for having left small kids in that tub and for having left it turned on. What if one of them decided it would be funny to be flatulent into a suction outlet. It is called evisceration and it happens several times a year. Tell me how you would feel then.


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That is why my pool was built with only floor returns!

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Mike, this was jetted bathtub. Kind of a different animal.


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