Septic System lines?

vgkgSeptember 12, 2011


I'm on an older terracotta type septic system and would like to know if there is an additive product on the market that can clean out the main pipe to the holding tank without messing up the workings of the system? It's a 4" cast iron pipe and most likely needs clearing but I'd like to go the route of something you pour into the toilet or sink to help digest/clear out build up in the pipe the same way something like rid-x is supposed to help the tank. I don't use additives now since reading doubts about their effectiveness but would welcome any comments on this also. I use the library pc for posting and cannot easily get back here to answer questions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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"rid-x is supposed to help the tank"

"Supposed to" are the operative words here.

The only thing a septic tank needs is what it was designed to hold.

It is even illegal in some places to sell any product to add to septic tanks to 'help' them.

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If you are having problems with your lines, you need a professional. Nothing in a jar is going to do anything.

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